Friday, August 1, 2014

Updated August Memebox promo codes

Memebox Global
Happy August 1st! Wow I can't believe this year is going by so darn fast, its crazy!  It felt like yesterday when it was January and I was finishing up my red seal exam.  Damn.  Time goes by fast!  Remember to always cherish the moments you have with friends and family!

Anyways, here is the updated coupon codes to save you some money when buying yourself memeboxes!

2LBV$5 off any order (Expires end of August, 2014), one time use per account

SHIP4CHEAP2 : when you buy 2 or more boxes, pay standard shipping only once!

MEMEBUNDLE3: $5 off an order with 3 memeboxes or more

MEMEBUNDLE4: $8 off an order with 4 memeboxes or more

AFFILIATE-9075-XUMPS-RJOS: $5 off $100

AFFILIATE-7256-T9X5L-EILO: $10 off $150

Also make sure to check out my unboxings to see how awesome memebox is :).

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