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Unboxing: Memebox superbox #38 Detox care

Second unboxing of the day!  This will be the detox care superbox.  I was really excited to get this box, but now that I have it I have slight mixed feelings.  Let's see why shall we and the content of the box.

$29.00 + shipping

A slight sneak peek of the box.
 Here's how memebox arranged the contents.  I'm quite surprised at the way the package it since nothing really moves.  I find that very interesting for some reason LOL. Don't ask me why >_>, i don't know.
 Again, I can never get good lightly on these damn cards! UGH!

 The first product is LIKKE Detox scalp care retailing for $8 each and contains 15 mL.  This is a full sized product.  The little plastic squeeze tube is 10 cm x 3 cm.  This product smells very minty, a hint of green and very herbal.  I'd give it a good 6/10 on my nose scale.

I don't know why, but the packaging looks like weed LOL.  Why............  Anyways I'm not sure I would be up to use this but this sounds like an interesting product.  Honestly I care less about my hair.  I just wash, dry and sometimes use some hair oils but that's about it. 

Product description:
"Detox and scrub away any excessive dead skin cells and dried out skin with this soap berry infused scalp care gel from LIKKE.  The gently formula is anti-virus, anti-acne, all natural and works to maintain your scalp healthy and clean."

How to use:
Apply the scalp care gel throughout dry hair and massage it onto the scalp.  After about 10 minutes, shampoo and rinse off, and blow-dry to finish.
 The second product is CNKCOS special day C focus essence retailing for $20 and contains 10 mL.  The little glass bottle is 2cm x 8 cm.  I won't be opening this just yet since I have quite a bit of essence to go through.

Product description:
"This special Day C focus essence contains 100% galactomyces ferments and vitamin C powder for maintaining your skin clean, clear, and supple."

How to use:
Push down the top lid and the vitamin C powder stored inside the lid will fall into the liquid essence.  Change the lid and shake it well before application.  Take couple drops of the essence and gently pat it onto the skin.  It's best to use the whole bottle within 7 days of mixing in the vitamin C powder.
 This product seems super interesting!  I have seem the vitamin C powder from philosphy, but it is wayyyyyyyy too expensive. So I'm glad to get this in my box :).
 The third product is Borntree Lemon Tea tree black head nose pack retailing for $3 each and contains 4 mL.  This is a full sized product.  Again! What is with the one time use products! At least give use two or three.  Sigh.... and this is suppose to  be a superbox too! Come on memebox, not happy.

Product description:
"This powderful yet gentle lemon tea tree blackhead nose patch instantly dissolves blackheads and unclogs pores while tightening and cleansing.  Use for optimal pore-purifying benefits for clean, healthy looking skin."

How to use:
Cleanse skin and pat dry.  Remove the nose pack from the package and apply to the nose.  wait 10-15 minutes, remove and pat in the remaining liquid into the skin.
 The fourth product is Duft and Doft Lime detox nourishing hand cream retailing for $12 each and contains 50 mL.  The cute plastic tube is 3 cm x 13 cm.  My smell-o-meter gives this a 6/10 for potency,  and it smells like lime obviously LOL.

I have never tried or owned a hand cream that is detoxifying so this would be interesting to use but I don't expect much from this product.

Product description:
"Enriched with shea butter and vitamin E, this Lime detox nourishing hand cream will spread smoothly and absorb deeply into your skin.  The fresh, citrus formula delivers replenishing and detoxifying effects with continuous use."

How to use:
Apply the hand cream generously and massage it on until full absorbency.
 The second to last product is Vicioni pore minimizing detox essence retailing for $29 and contains 50 mL.  This is a full sized product.  The frosted glass bottle is 3 cm x 12 cm.  Smell-o-scale says it is a 6/10 with a herbal lush kind of scent which I like a lot better then very strong and sweet scents.
 I like the very simplistic packaging with the frosted bottle and a nice pump :).  I likey! Let's just hope this would work because if it does, then it would be perfect for my boyfriend!
The last product is Secret key lemon d-toc peeling gel retailing for $16 each and contains 120 mL.  This is a full sized product and the plastic tube is 4 cm x 16 cm.

I was really happy that they included this product in because I do not own any peeling gel and I can for sure use some peeling on my frinkin dried up patchy skin.  Blah...I hate my nose skin especially, so dry and flaky.

Product description:
"An extremely gentle, non-irritaing peeling gel for treating enlarged pores, uneven and dull skin tone and any unncessary dead skin cells, the Lemon D-toc peeling gel works to soothe an detoxify your skin byb peeling away all excess residue piled up."

How to use:
After cleansing, spread the peeling gel evenly over your face, avoiding the eyes and the mouth.  Then gently massage with your hands to get all the gunk peeled away.  Rinse off with warm water.

*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*

Total box value:
1) LIKKE detox scalp gel $8 (??)
2) CNKCOS special day c focus essence $20 ($16 USD/ 16,900 Won)
3) Borntree lemon tea black head nose pack $3 ($2.50 USD/ 2.500 Won)
4) Duft and Doft lime detox nourishing hand cream $12 ($9.80 USD/ 9,800 Won)
5) Vicioni pore minizing detox essence $29 ($24 USD/ 24,000 Won)
6) Secret key lemon D-toc peeling gel $16 ($13 USD/ 13,000 Won)
Total: $88 on info card
Total: $73 in reality

Overall I am slightly dissapointed with this box. I thought it would be a lot more skincare face product since it is detoxing.  And the recent trend that memebox has been doing with the one foil package and calling it full sized is really pissing me off.  This is suppose to be a superbox with actual full sized products like the hand cream, the essence and the peeling gel.  I don't mind getting samples, but I feel like i have been slightly lied to.  Memebox you were doing so good in my book, please don't do this again.  This is like a serious relationship we are going through and I want to work things out with you, but if you don't change and keep making the same mistake, I will leave you.  I'd give this box a 2.5/5 stars.

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