Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dior cheek and lip glow first impression review and swatches

It's been quite a while since I posted anything here.  That's because I'm slightly heartbroken with Memebox breaking up with all their international customers, and that includes me.  I super uninspired lately, but let's get back into the groove.  I guess I will be shopping at lot more at Sephora from now on since they have interesting products (and hella expensive) and Testerkorea will be my best friend.  I ordered tons of Etude house play 101 pencils so you can be looking forward to that too ;).

Anyways, I somehow got a hold of this product in stores when it just came out and was suppose to be VIB rouge exclusive, meaning customers that have not reached the Rouge status can't buy it.  But sometimes they do get shipments in early and this was included when I went shopping for fun.  I have been eyeing this product since I love their Dior lip glow, so I automatically already excepted this into the glow family.

Are you curious to see how this product performs?  Read more~

Full name of product: 
Dior cheek and lip glow

$37 CAD/ $39 CAD

Amount of product:
0.33 oz/ 10 mL

Product description:
"Create a fresh-faced, rosy look with Dior’s Cheek & Lip Glow. This two-in-one hybrid formula is infused with Fresh Color Reveal™ technology, which instantly reacts to the moisture in the skin and lips to give them a luminous custom pink glow. Fresh and ultra-light, its fluid embellishing gel formula blends seamlessly with the skin, leaving nothing but the weightless appearance of a healthy-looking glow."

Where can you buy it:
You can get this at Sephora (online and in stores) or in high end department stores.

Shades available:
Only one shade available at the moment.
Packaging/ Application:
Other the the Dior lip glow, I never had any past experiences with Dior products.  But I wasn't surprised that the sliver lid isn't attached since I have seen Dior's nail polishes from other beauty blogs.  Not really a big fan of the two step process since that means I'd have to do another step to get to the product.  I wish that the lid is just one piece. The applicator is a super cool round doe foot (ish) applicator :).  I actually quite like the shape of it, but I would definitely not recommend it if you wanted to apply it on your cheeks.
The lid is hard, sturdy plastic that is spray painted silver, the black lid is plastic as well with the Christian Dior logo and the bottle is glass.  The packaging as a whole measures 2.4 cm length, 2 cm width and 7.5 in height.

The round shape is great for lip application, giving a surprising precious application but if you were to use it on your cheeks, I'd recommend you dabbing the product on a stippling brush and apply it that way.  When I was swatching it on the back of my hand and wiped it off, the color stained onto my skin for three days straight. I couldn't even get it off with an oil base make up remover or even 100% shea butter!  I was like WOW, you can not mess this up if you wanted to apply it on your cheeks or else you'd have streak marks for sure!  So a stippling brush will be your best friend.  I recommend the Elf cosmetics small stippling brush that sells at target for only $3 :D.

First of all, this product reminds me a lot of Benefit's tint products.  But the more I play with it, the more I think this product is a lot better then Benefit's benetint.  Firstly, the texture of the product is more of a gel then Benefit's, which is a lot more watery and not that pigmented.  Dior's cheek and lip glow takes a lot less product to show up on the skin and lasting powder, as I have stated above, stuck onto my skin as a stain for 2.5 days!  And I'm not talking about it fading through the 2.5 days, it stayed on like I freshly applied it.  It's nuts!  Even though Benetint comes with 0.42 oz/ $36, I'd recommend getting the Dior one for 0.33 oz/ $37.  It takes less product for it to work, better lasting power and better texture in my opinion.

The texture on the lips and cheek after it dries is a very comfortable hydrating feeling, but it dries down completely and does not budge.  It is a barely there product with high impact.  I love it!

The one scent I don't like as a fragrance is mint.  Mint makes me think of toothpaste.  I don't even like my toothpaste being super minty, that's why I get the least minty flavored ones.  Sadly this product is scented heavily with mint.  It doesn't bother me that badly since it is more of a spearmint then a peppermint.  I'd rather it be unscented but what can you do.  I'd give this a 4.25/5 star for the level of fragrance.
Color/ Pigmentation:
The pigmentation of this product is superb.  Just the right amount of brightness, but it isn't so light that you can't see it.  It has the right balance, and you only need to apply it once :).  The color of the product is just like a highlighter hot pink.  On the cheeks, it gives a nice youthful and natural looking flush.  
On the lips, with just one coat, it is a nice flush of color giving a natural glow to the face and lips.  With two coats (yes it is buildable), the color is a nice HOT HOT HOT bright pink.  It doesn't look that hot in the photo but in person, the color is super bright (at least for my liking). 

-packaging is high end feeling and looking, sleek
-formula is hydrating, pigmented and comfortable
-applicator is an interesting rounded doe foot
-tattoo like long lasting stain

-pricey (but it is high end so I'm not surprised, not that poorly priced since it is almost the same price as Benetint)
-annoying two piece cap

I'm surprised that I actually really like this product.  I didn't think much of it since I just wanted to try it out, and if it didn't work I could always bring it back to Sephora to return.  But the formula is great, pigmented and all the Pros I have already stated above.  I don't mind that there is less product then Benetint, but I think this product stomps Benetint in all the departments.  I would repurchase this if I ever finish this product, and I give this product a 4.5/5 stars with a two thumbs up.  I'd recommend you going to Sephora to try the product out, give it a chance.  You might like it just like how I fell in love with it ;).

Hope you find this review helpful.  Leave me a comment on what you guys think about this new product!  Are you going to buy it or are you going to pass?


  1. Great review!! Based on your review alone, I am seriously considering trying this out : )

    1. Thank you :D. I really don't usually buy high end products unless I'm super intrigued. So i'm super surprised I actually like this product haha. Check it out next time your in Sephora ;).

  2. Great product. Finally a lip and cheek tint that isn't red. Wonder how it would look on my tan skin though.

    1. I think it would look a lot less pinky and more of a glow, but over time, it does get slightly brighter :D. I have to use it under my foundation just in case it gets too bright haha



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