Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Upcoming Hautelook events

For those out there that still don't know what Hautelook is, it is an online site where you can get designer stuff (not like LV or Chanel class of stuff but still really nice things) for 50 - 75% off depending on the marked prices. They are all new and it is a 45-hour sale, although it stays on the site for about one or two days as "sales events ending soon". All sales end and start at 8 am pacific time so if you want to get first dibs, you know what time to go on your computer! I believe they are from Ontario because I recently bought an Invitca watch and it stated ON, so I'm guess its from Ontario. Anyways lets get on with it shall we?
BTW...you have to have membership to be able to log into the site to see their sales. Don't worry, its free and its just fun to look around everyday to see what they have. All you have to do is enter your address and name and such and your good to go.

Matiko Shoes- Feb. 2 (Wednesday)
Recently I was looking around Youtube guru's blogs and I came across Dulecandy's "New goodies from Hautelook" and I saw her really cute shoes that she bought. It caught my eye how nicely made they were and how there's a mental brand name on the sole of the shoe. Such a nice touch! Makes it seem so high class. If your curious to see what i'm talking about,

brand is based on Orange County, USA and it has a really contemporary style that launched in 2002.

NYX cosmetics- February 3 (Thursday)
So we all know and love NYX cosmetics, especially their single eyeshadow which are comparable to MAC eyeshadows and their jumbo eyeshadow pencils which go on your eyes like a dream, but can their low low affordable prices go even lower? In disbelief? I'm not lying to you when they are having their sale this Thursday.

GO smile- Feburary 4th (Friday)
We have all seen this brand in Sephora before, but is that price tag really worth a try? Hautelook usually sells some sets for $23 (compared to something like $80+ from sephora).

These are just a few things that are major brands, but other brands are worth looking because its a nice way to learn about new brands that you never knew about.

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