Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Third Lush Haul

Yey another lush haul, I can't get enough of their discounted Christmas stuff. Its good for me because I'm just starting to get into lush and I wanna try as much things for as low price as possible XD. I got some great deals, who doesn't like deals right?Unboxing with me eh? =D This time I got bigger and badder gift sets >=). Aww I don't get to try out Christmas Eve bubble bar, this sucks! But lush really do have good customer service. They refunded my money, gave me another free bubble bar instead and I get free express shipping the next time I buy something online (only if i do it by phone though). What good considerate people Lush staff are. =)
My free gift: Amandopondo bubble bar ($6.95)
It consists of rose absolute and lemon oil. I usually don't like the smell of just straight rose absolute, but this one smells the most normal to me. I don't know if you have noticed, but most Lush scents take a bit of time to used to or you'd just think it smells disgusting. I haven't used this one so I will review later on.My haul unboxed. I would consider this quite a big haul. All of this stuff costed around $76 with shipping, so like $96. That's not bad considering how many products I got =D.
So white Bath bomb
Everyone on youtube said this smelled like fresh apples so I went and got three. I have to somewhat agree that it smells like apples, but not really totally just sliced fresh apples. It smells a little more artificial then fresh, but I still like how it smells.
Cinders bath bomb
This is one of the few products people stock up on. When I say stock up, I mean they buy 10-20 at a time. THATS NUTS!! I wouldn't really do that since I'm not a huge fan of taking a bath (sitting in a tube of water just doesn't appeal to me, especially when i have a small tub where I can't fit in it fully). It smells just like Christmas. Its very spicy, like cinnamon, kind of pine tree ish. I actually quite like this smell surprisingly.Better look at the pop rocks on top. They are suppose to be somewhat crackling in the bath tub to act like the fireplace, but I didn't hear anything. Either I'm deaf or it just doesn't work.
Lil'L Lush Pud
This one was inspired by English pudding or something but iunno about this scent. I don't hate it but I don't like it. Sorry but this smell is really hard to describe. I can just tell you it doesn't smell anything like pudidng to me.Half of the bath bomb is white and half is brown as you can see.Candy Cane bubble bar
People say this is the same thing as the regular creamy candy bubble bar but I would have no clue because I never used that one before. Everyone says this smells like rock star or something, but I really really really don't like rock star so I was quite nervous to get this one in the mail. It smells nothing like that sweet, washroom smell that you'd find in the public washrooms (as i stated before when i first smelled rock star). It smells 100% just like Snow fairy which smells the same as Godmother (which i like =). I haven't used this one yet, but just touching it with my bare hands it already feels super creamy. Excited for this one.
Winter Bath
I can tell you right away I don't like this bath bomb. The smell just is disgusting to me. Its suppose to be ginger and some other soothing smells, but to me it smells like raw grass and a mild case of dirty gym socks combined into one plastic container and then you take a whiff of it. Ugh....

Snowcakes Soap
I did have a piece of this soap before, but I didn't know and got another piece. The first one i got was in the Secret Santa gift set. I REALLY did not like the scent of the one that came with the gift set, but maybe because it was old or something. I don't know, but this piece smells way more pleasant and just like marzipan (basically its almond oil).

Iced Wine
Yes I know, curiosity kills. Well i guess I got killed here haha. I got an Iced wine shower jelly because i was curious to see how a shower jelly works. Lil did I know it was long long expired and the color is obviously darker then the regular ones. I was expecting it to smell like wine, but it just smells like a grapefruit fruit cocktail. It lathers really well in the hair and body though =D.

Once a Year massage bar
Lush describes this as a alcohol drinks scent, and I have to agree on that. Its just a mild scent of alcohol which is actually nice! (I don't drink btw) I haven't used it yet, but it is so cute to look at. I mean com eon, who doesn't like a good moustache.

Close up, you can see there are glitters! Pretty~~

Gingerbread House Bubble bar
Yes I got sucked in with the cuteness of the design OK? I was really expecting a traditional cinnamon and ginger gingerbread house smell, but this was totally different then my expectations. It smells really bad guys, I can't really explain it. It just doesn't agree with my nose, trust me on that.

Well that was it for the overview of my haul. Expect reviews of these new products I got =). Gift sets will be their own separate posts because I want to guide you through the full experience. Stay toned~

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