Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winners Canada Steals =D (no not litterally, but you know what I mean)

The one and only Winners Canada is my favorite store by far! I almost never go to the mall to shop anymore. If i need something, first store I think is WINNERS! They sell everything from designer perfumes (price ranging from $30-$50 at most), jewelery, make up, nail polishes, skincare stuff, hair stuff, hair gadgets, lingerie, suitcases, handbags, clothes, dresses, you name it XD. Its basically one giant department store with major major deals so everyone can look "fabulous for less."

So what have I found this time that is super duper awesome? SHOES OF COURSE XD. Not just any type of shoes, girl's second best friend HEELS!!
Rihana and many other stars have been seen with a pair of Velvet Angels, which totally makes me even more curious about this brand. I can see why Rihana would like these types of shoes though.
These shoes are from Velvet Angels and are called "La Balajo" which retails for $295. Smacking $295?!?! How much did i get them for?

Link to these pair shoes:
Your eyes aren't lying. $36!! It was on clearance and I grabbed the last pair of size 7 >=0. How lucky am i! That's a $259 difference and they are super comfortable even though they are 5 inches. If you close enough, you can see on the heel area, there is a sewn in bullet! I didn't notice that until I went home haha. Wow built in padding in the front and back? This shoe is so thought out! The design is trippy too.

And the platform isn't your standard chunk, its a architectural chunk! that is super comfortable too haha.

Winners you are just feeding my shoe addtiction. Now that I am less of a make up freak, I'm getting myself into trouble with awesome prices to buy clothes and shoes.

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