Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dolce & Gabanna Anthology l'eau de toillette #3 L'imperatrice

I'm sure you have seen this ad. No? Yes I am a hoarder, and winners just doesn't help the cause XD. Winners has this fabulous little selection of perfume, and when i see something I'm unsure of. Go to sephora and smell it out of course! Never bought perfume full price WHOO.
All of the perfumes come in a sleek white box with D&G logo in black. The only difference with each perfume is their numbers. I got confused because i thought it was like 1 to 16 or something XD. Like there are 16 perfumes, but there are only 5 perfumes with random numbers.

L'imperatrice in french means "empress". I can't exactly say the name suits the perfume, but ok? This perfume features the aromas of watermelon, kiwi, pink cyclamen and musk. To me this smells like fresh clean laundry, which i absolutely love. I always wished someone would just bottle up that scent into a perfume form. I would buy bottle after bottle if they did had a scent like that. Although this D&G perfume is exactly the soap smell i like, it does smell quite like that which a hint of sweetness. Now i am not a fan of those sickly sweet smells, so D&G did justice with this perfume. Although I do like the scent, the lasting power of this perfume sucks! I need to use at least 3-4 sprays just to get the full affect. I love the scent but if i use this everyday, it would be gone in less then a month! That's ridiculous. This is why kids, read on the label if its "l'eau de toilette" or "l'eau de perfume". L'eau de perfume is more concentrated and has a longer lasting power. Overall I do like this perfume, but i wish its lasting power was better.

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