Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clavin Klein Infinite Hydration Foundation in 113 Porcelain

So i was strolling around downtown Vancouver (thank god it was not the night of the Vancouver riot) and i went to Winners downtown. The one in downtown is so much nicer, has lots of nice watches (DKNY, Gucci, Hugo Boss...), tons of handbags but a small selection of make up and perfume. What caught my eye was this: I didn't know CK had a make up line. Say what? XD I had to try it because i'm a curious beast like that.
If you don't know what Winners is, Winners is the same thing as USA's Ross. You basically play the game of chance. But when you find something you like, they usually sell it to you for a good deal. This time around, I was lucky enough to find my shade of color and it wasn't opened! Wow this must have been meant to be.It comes in a nice sleek packaging, glass bottle, a pump and a plastic cap that has CK logo on top.
The coverage is light to medium and goes on the skin quite nicely. It does take a little bit of time to smooth it out onto the skin (well compared to my skin 79 bb cream). I have to say this foundation is average, nothing really special. I won't buy it again. Maybe its because I have a fear of using foundations because, well to be frank i don't want to be a cake face. XD I usually just use MAC studio fix powder and a bit of concealer. I don't need much, but its nice to have a foundation at hand.


-price: C+

-packaging: B

-product quality: B-

-Overall quality: C+

-Buy again? No but it didn't hurt to try it for $12.99 CAD (compared to $35)

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