Monday, June 6, 2011

Nine West Shoe Haul

I have been staring at these for a few weeks now, thinking if i should buy them or not. When i was with my girlfriend in downtown, I decided to stop at nine west and try on the shoes for fun and FELL IN LOVE!! They were cute already itself, but trying them on it was like walking on clouds. People that think cheap heels are worth it, i think its not. Its better to invest a little bit more and be able to walk more then six hours in four + heels. Who are those peeking out to greet us? Hello gorgeous~ (yes i talk to shoes ok? Gosh XD, its not like you don't. I know you do, don't lie!) These shoes are perfect for spring/ summer. Satin fabric, leather straps, 5 inch heel, 1 inch platform, buckle closure.
If you like these shoes too, you better get your butt out there and get it fast because this model is selling out fast like hot cakes!! I live in Canada and they don't ship online to Canada so i had to go out and hunt them down! Size seven is too common. That was one of the reasons i got my butt out asap to get these. Don't be fooled, $89 is USD. I was a bit threw off when i saw the price tag of $130 CAD. Five inch heels baby!1 inch platform Turqouise leather cross straps Rubberized bottoms and thank god XD. I don't want to be skating across the floor.
What they look on. I love them!

These are absolutely love :)...can't want to wear them out

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