Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Outfit of the day; 1950's inspired

 Summer has finally hit Vancouver and its is super nice and warm.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to celebrate by going to the beach and tan. I hateee the heat.  Yes you can call me a vampire since I am really pale in real life but it was the perfect mix of warm and cool win the other day.  I hope you don’t mind that I took the picture in my bathroom and you can see all the junk in the back, but the bathroom upstairs is the only place where I can take a full body picture without having to stand on top of the toilet. 

Anyways, I’ve been having a retro 1950’s, soda drinking era kick lately and thought it was a great time to pull out that yellow Nica retro inspired bag and the striped blouse.  My stupid hand was blocking the tie function…which is why I bought the shirt but the shirt is actually longer in the middle bottom.  This shirt caught my eyes when I saw it at Winners when I was just checking out.  I didn’t even try it on and just bought it.  For my shorts, I got those from old navy.  The unique thing I like about these shorts is it actually looks like the thread came out and it has that unfinished look but I checked it up online to see if it’s supposed to be like that and it is! And I got it on sale so hellyaa!

 For accessories, I wore my nica “Hope” bag and my nude Report “kim” wedges.  For my necklaces, I just wore my sliver skull necklace I got at Mimosa jewelry recently and the Swarovski cosmic triangle necklace that I made.  I wore my mother of pearl DKNY rose gold watch on my right hand and my matte mint beaded chan luu inspire wrap bracelet that I made. The only ring I wore was the Forever 21 cheetah bejeweled ring which I love!!

For my make up, I just wore a really simple champagne color all over my eyes and a warm brown from the ELF ultimate eyeshadow palette  with the ELF $1 liquid eyeliner in black.  I also have some prestige classic kohl eyeliner in Golden brown to keep my eyes opened and to have my look a little more golden bronze for the summer.  For that natural look for my lashes, I use my all time favorite mascara from Maybelline One by One.

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