Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Report "Kim" wedges

 Yesterday I went to winners near my house, actually seriously aren’t you guys sooo sick of me talking about winners. But that is literally the one place I love to shop at. >_<. If any of you guys live where I live, I got these at the winners at marine way. They have Kate spade swirl perfume, juicy couture love and peace perfume, escada scented body lotions and a really great cargo cosmetics kit with eye shadow quad, mascara, eye shadow single and an eyeliner for only $14.99! I’m really hitting myself for not getting it but I don’t think I need it >_<. I’m thinking of doing a giveaway soon but I don’t like what to give away yet. Be prepared :). Once I hit 100 followers, I’ll do a giveaway. Anyways! Back to business.

I actually went to Winners because I bought a Nike dri-fit sports bra at the Lansdowne winners that I love but they don’t have the size for me and I already exchanged it twice and I’m really in a need for a sports bra in the summer since it is so comfortable! I was so disappointed that they didn’t have it at the Winners near my house but I always just stroll around after that. I wasn’t planning on getting shoes but I always wanted to add a pair of wedges to my shoe collection but I haven’t worn a pair of heels for a while. These were actually sitting on one of the front aisles, right whey new products are fresh on the aisle and they have a bulk of them. I didn’t actually fall in love with it right away, but I think that shoes can’t really be determined until you actually try it on. Christian Loubutin even said himself that shoes aren’t just shoes, it’s the way that the shoes makes you fell and the silhouette that gives women the confidence to walk with their head up and their sexy booties :). I completely agree!

When I tried these on in a size seven, they fit like a glove! Usually some shoes say they are seven but aren’t true to size.  These shoes are completely true to size and are from a shoe company called “report”; shoe model name is called “Kim”. Winners are getting shoes from this company which is making me really happy.  The regular retail price point of these shoes are around $110-$170 which is the price point of Nine west which I love too but I try not to buy all my  shoes from only one brand, but I won’t mind if they are well made and really comfortable. The Kim is a closed toe, fake suede wedge with a wood (not sure if it is really wood or just a print) sole and a really dainty ankle strap which makes these shoes super chic but simple.  The color of these shoes against my pasty pale skin tone just makes me look that much more somewhat tanned and elongates my legs since it is a nude tone shoe.

 These pair of shoes do have really good cushioning built into them which is really important for me since I need to be walking with them.  The height of these shoes is about 5.5 inches to 6 inches and has a 2 inch platform.  I usually don’t like my platform more than 1.5 inches but because the extra height is in the front, that means the angle of my feet bending from the  front is less therefore more comfort for me :D. 

Original price of these shoes are said to be about $110 but I got these for $67 and some change after tax so it wasn’t that bad.  Do you guys like these shoes?  Would you get these for yourself?

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