Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nature's gate organic and natural skincare

Like any other day when I’m completely bored, you will find me at Winners browsing and I always end up buying something >_<. My l’occitane shea butter moisturizer is almost out but I wanted to try something new to see if there is anything out there that would compare or may be even better then it. Winners always has a fair amount of skincare stuff and I stumbled upon this brand called “Nature’s gate”. I honestly never heard of this brand before but I had an open mind and wanted to try something new and the price point around $8-12 each product. They say they are all natural and organic and are paraben free which was really what attracted me.
 Each skincare product has their own spotlight ingredient and is supposed to give you the benefits of what that spotlight ingredients is. I got almost their whole line of advanced care products except for two products: “Have a vine day” Chardonnay Hydrator for Daytime and “C for yourself” texturizing Serum. The rest of the products that I actually have is:

- “Tone back the clock” Alcohol-free soothing toner $8.99--> Coneflower
-“In the beginning” Gentle Cleansing Lotion $9.99--> Clary Sage
-“Light switch” Lemon Skin Brightening Serum for day & night $12.99-->JapaneseMandarin
-“Forget your lines” Wrinkle Diffuser Serum with Ameliox $12.99--> Milk Thistle
-“Oh what a night” Walnut Therapy for overnight renewal $9.99-->French Walnut Seed Extract

  What really impressed me is the actual packaging. It is so high quality for such a drugstore price. It comes in a frosted glass bottle and the lettering is actually printed on there! The original price point is around $20-$25. If it was that price for each product; I wouldn’t try everything but try bits and pieces of the collection. I have been using it for a week or two but I can’t give a full review on these products. I would say that the “In the beginning” cleansing lotion and the “Oh what a night” walnut therapy that they have somewhat of a weird raw smell which will need some getting used to. Just like lush products, these products are natural so not so great smellingness will be somewhat excepted. The toner has a lovely lavender scent and the light switch brightening serum smells just like lemonade. Its soo yummy! I’m still kind of on the fence about it but summer is coming up so I think these would work well for the summer time.

I have combination normal dry skin and my target problems are dryness around my cheeks, nose and chin. Why I don’t like to wear foundation is because even after moisturizing my skin, once I add foundation on my face, the dry patches appear. I’m just like What the heck!!?!?! Pain in the ass. That’s why I stick to the hot pink skin79 bb cream since it is a dewy finish and is really moisturizing for me and it doesn’t show my dry patches! I actually grabbed the walnut treatment first and was just checking it out. You’re supposed to use it as a treatment and not everyday. After I read the packaging and found out that it is organic and natural, I spotted more products from this line and was intrigued. I really liked the idea of the lemon brightening serum and it was cheap okay! I’m a sucker for discounted things. All the other products were just an impulse buy so please don’t judge me :’(.

Have you tried this brand? I have never heard of this brand, not even on youtube so tell me what you think :D. Would you give these a shot?

If you want to check out this line, here’s the link.

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