Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another random wal mart haul

For those of you that doesn't know, Bruno Mars on December 11 finally came out with his second album called the "Unorthodox jukebox." I was on a countdown, waiting for his CD to come out and since Wal mart is so close to my house, I finally stopped there yesterday to pick it up and some shampoo and conditioner. 
 I didn't expect that there would be a gorilla on the cover but LOL there it is with a jukebox :).  Now I really liked his singles "Locked out of Heaven" and "Young Girls" and I like Bruno mars as an artist.  He is one of those true artists that write and produces his own songs and I applaude him for that since that is really rare these days.  And if you have watched any of ihs live performances, he sounds exactly the same or even better the on the CD.  Amazing, I just love his voice and him :D.  Now let's be honest, I'm notthe type to usually buy CD's since everyone nowadays download songs and well...its free.  But Bruno Mars is worth the $14.98 since the CD is keepsake and I can play it over and over again.  If I just download it, I might loose the file and also, I like to play it in my car since I can blast it super loud and no one can hear me sing on the top of my lungs HEHE.
 Nakey girl? Well almost nakey girl.  Simple cd art, I like it :).
 I love that they used this 90's style theme throughout the album and the music video. 
I was quite surprised that there was only 10 songs since albums usually have 12-16 songs but eh, its okay :).
There was this really huge stand of movies for only $5. I was going to pick up wild things since I really wanted to watch it but my boyfriend didn't so I just put it back and might just watch it online.  I picked this one since it was two movies in one for only $5, dirt cheap! $2.50 for a movie.  I don't really know what Planet 51 is about but my boyfriend wanted to watch the Hoodwinked LOL.  Has anyone watched that? It doesn't really appeal to me but I love to make my boyfriend happy, so I don't mind watching this with him.

The other two items I bought was Aussie moisture shampoo and conditioner, the big bottle for only $4.44! Thats what I love about Aussie since its so cheap and its not a bad product either! I was going to try this other company called "Living Clean" but didn't really want to spend $6 on a small bottle so I just went back to the same thing :/.  It lasts me half a year for less then $10 for both so I'm good :D.

The last boring thing I got was cotton pads.  Yes cotton pads LOL.  Nothing much to say but the price said $1 but I got charged $2 :/.  Didn't notice until after I went home but its okay.  I usually get the bulk pack at costco but we ran out and didn't have time to buy it so I thought I'd just buy a stalk for now.

What are you random things I'd get at your drugstores? I absoultely love buying really cheap movies and they had good movies too :D.  Mr and Mrs smith, Wild things, Dear John... Just some that I can remember on the top of my head. Also, does anyone have any shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore they would recommend? I'd love to try something new!

*All pictures are mine*

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