Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello kitty update and forever 21 accessories haul

As you might know, a few posts back I went ot forever 21 in search of their hello kitty forever collection since thye had a lot of the other sanrio characters.  I don't like hello kitty but I really wanted their madtz maru punching sweater but obviously they didn' thave it since I found out about the collection way to late and all the good stuff was gone. The collection was super cute and to my surprise affordable! I thought they would jack up the prices since it was sanrio but the prices were $15-$27, not bad!
The chococat flowy peter pan color top was one of the better quality tops.  They had t-shirts and really adult office friendly tops and bottoms but not all of them were good quality.  I tried on a brown chococat top with black bow tie and little chococats all over the top but the material was so stiff and the cut was so boxy so I just passed on that and got myself this top. This one was $23.80.
Last week when I went out early to find my boyfriend before work, he unexpectedly wanted to go to the mall, but not to shop but to use the camera I bought him for his birthday and take pictures of the festivity. I was like gosh darn it! I don't want to buy anything but your luring me to ! We had an hour and a half to kill and we were sitting right in front of forever 21, just chilling and sitting on the coach, watching some T.V. and playing with our phones.  I just couldn't help but have hope that there might be some more hello kitty items! There was only about four clothing items but somehow i scored this sweater cardigan.  I'm super happy about this since its an alternative to the hello kitty and i like chococat :D but not really fond of the color.  Not too shabby though and the material was pretty good, nice and thick :).
 So cute! Kitty!!
 I don't really understand this price.  In store this was $27.80 but Canadian forever 21 was $33. Maybe someone bought this from the states website and then returned it.  Either way, I'm not complaining I paid less for this hehe!
The back of the sweater says chococat which isn't that great of a print quality.  Its kind of already rubby off :/.  Its okay I guess.
 I also went to forever 21 a few occasions after that to find a headband.  I saw one that was super pretty with small little pearls and rhinestones, it didn't look cheap at all but I really didn't want to pay $17 for a headband that I might wear.So when I saw the other styles and saw this one.  They had this really pretty "rhinestone" one which is right up my alley! The quality isn't that good but I like that the plastic rhinestone has a mixture of matte and shiny stones. Each rhinestone is glued on so make sure you pick the nice ones, where you can't see the glue.  $7.80
I also found these retro 1960's style teardrop earrings that are really sparkly and I love that there is the touch of teal, so pretty! Ever since I saw these pair of crystal statement retro looking earrings on Hautelook that were $180, I let them go but I really regret it but I know I did the right thing.  I just hope something like them will appear again! These were $6.80 which is a little bit more then I would pay for at forever 21 but I love these too much to let them go!
I also found these pearl earrings since I don't have any pearl earrings.  I find these so elegant when you just wear simple pearl studs but I can't afford real ones so these were perfect.  They were only $3.80 and came with 9 pairs.  I found that a little bit excessive to have nine pairs of the same thing but I'm not complain LOL.  I'll just get the other six pairs away.

What were your most favorite finds in forever 21 this year?

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