Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another sephora haul with $15 coupon

 On my post for the haul I got at sephora on the Korres butter kit, I used my V.I.B coupon for $20 off $50.  I was surprised that they sent me another one where it was $15 off $50. Everyone got this one but I don't know if V.I.B's get both or was this just a mistake.  Hehe I wanted to try my luck to see if I could use the $20 off $50 again but I didn't want to be too bad but I'm still curious since they say that it was a one time use only but when I went to the other sephora to buy stuff with the $15 coupon, the girl didn't say anything.
  I didn't really have much to buy anyways but i really needed the Korres pomegranate cream gel after I found out that they actually sold it in a jar! I found out about this product when I bought the Korres pomegranate skincare kit at Winners for only $16.99 (regular price $34-$40) and you get a nice sized tube of each product and you'd really get a feel about the product and I was really feeling that moisturizer! I felt that I really would be sad when I ran out of this product and I couldn't find it on sephora at the time too so I thought all hope was gone.  But when I went to metrotown to get the Korres butter set, I saw it! I didn't want to spend $100+ then and there and I made the right choice :).
It comes in a nice glass jar, just simple packaging but what I love is that this cream was designed for combo skin.  I'm not oily but I do have combination dry skin and this works for me :). This was $41 CAD.
 The moisturizer was really the only thing that I wanted but the total was only $41 so I was in sephora trying to find something I wanted and not make up to bring the subtotal to $50 so I could use the coupon. At first I found these sponge scrubbies that were $8 which I needed anyways since I thought I could use those for my underarms to exfoliate to make my underarms less dark.

I also got myself this little sample sized Benefit Dr. feel good since I heard that this was like a primer product to smooth your lines and what not so I thought I would give it a shot and it was so cute! Little tiny tin can with this retro sticker. :3
This product came with a little sponge and a translucent paper to protect it but it was a pain in the butt to get rid of because the little part where you have to lift it was stuck under the tin LOL.  And the sponge wouldn't lift either! Ugh but Anyways I can't wait to try this product!

What was your most recent favorite make up purchase recently? Mine was the korres butter kit for sure :).

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