Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forgotten Coastal scents haul

Okay okay.  I forgot about this haul.  Sue me. Actually don't please, LOL I'm a poor working class women :'(.  But yes I will admit that I forgot about this haul completely! I actually bought myself some stuff from coastal scents back in black Friday (yes I did make two hauls) but this one came in January since the Christmas mail time is really backed up.  That is completely understandable and the fact that I had to go back to work full time, so there is my reasoning. :). 
I absoultely love coastal scents but this time around, I really didn't feel like I needed anything.  But because during that time a few weeks back I was stupid enough to drop my 88 neutral palette and there was eyeshadow on the floor everywhere and many just fell out, I decided to just hand pick the few neutral colors I would wear so I just browsed through the hot pots hoping to find the perfect neutrals.

I think these are the perfect addition to my eyeshadow collection but the one color I was really hoping that would be just like the ELF 100 eyeshadow palette semi light milk chocolate brown didn't really turn out to be that same color as I saw on swatches and online.  But that is okay.  It just turned out to be a little more darker and a little too muddy looking on my skintone.

I can't wait to actually use these colors but I never really have the chance since I can't wear make up to work and I usually am too tired to anyways LOL.  Yes I do look scrub most of the time but when I can go somewhere fancy, I will pull these suckers out for sure!
I didn't know where to keep my new hot pots but I didn't want to seperate the new ones from the older  so I watched some youtube videos to see how i could rip the top off that only holds 12 eyeshadows and i stuck a sheet of magnet and voila~ Your own custom palette :).  What I like about the coastal scents empty palettes is that it is actually super hard plastic and none of that flumsy stuff you get with palettes like the 28 neutral palettes or the 88 eyeshadow palettes.  These feel really nice, super thick plastic and I like the fact that it is somewhat glossy but not completely glossy where you could seel all your dirty finger prints haha.

About three years ago when the hot pot came out, they were $5 each piece but they are only $1.99 now! That is a complete steal and I have seen a lot of people compare these to MAC eyeshadows.  I only got these for $1 during the black friday/ cyber monday sale so these are a steal! I still would buy these for $1.99 a piece but $1 is a better deal for me HAHA.
I got this really dense and soft brush called "Classic Angled Kabuki Stick Synthetic" which reminded me a lot like that one brush from Sigma.  I really didn't need another brush since my collection is getting out of hand but I do have to admit that I do see myself using this brush everyday.  Regular retail price on coastal scents is $12.95 which is a super afforable price but 50% was good too haha. I love the cut of this brush and it is really good for contouring, blush and contour.  This brush is super soft too, UGH! So don't worry guys! This is a really good, soft and dense brush so go get it!
 I also picked up some mica powders but I only wanted the ones without color and it was a duo chrome, my favorite! I thought I could press these and I did try but I was stupid enough not to remember that you can't press mica powders because there is no base haha. All of these were only 50 cents each and if you were to put these into a 5 gram jar, there would still be left over.  These are only sample baggies but if i were to buy a 1 ounce, they come in a HUGE plastic jar that looks like a jar where you would use in science class to put dead things in LOL. So sample size is good and I mean i could never finish anything. You can use these for anything, mix it in lip gloss, use it straight as eyeshadow, highlighter on your face or even in nail polish.  These are ver versitale so it is a real good buy :). I used it as an eyeshadow on top of another color and it was stunnning.  I love the pearl component to it, gorgeous.  Check these out guys!

I will do swatches and close ups later on, I couldn't get my camera to do justice.  These colors are too beautiful in person. :)

Which product are you most interested in? Mine is the mica pigments for sure but the eyeshadows are a close second.

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