Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sephora $20 off $50 haul

Last month in December, Sephora had their second sale which was $20 off $50 and I couldn't skip it! I was already in an coma from the first sale which was 20% off everything for VIB only and I spent some pretty pennies in that sale. 
 There was still a few products I wanted to try so I just bit the bullet and went ahead and purchased the Naked 3.  Luckly during the time I was ordering the Naked 3 palette which came out Dec. 15, they also had the Urban decay limited edition Black Market eyeliner set which went on sale for $28 (original price $45) which was an absolute steal!

 The perks of buying online is that you always get three samples and sometimes even more freebies when they are running promotions.  Online thing that sucks about buying online is shipping LOL.
 This was quite a surprise.  I think Sephora nowadays are running a lot of sales.  Either that or I just didn't pay attention all this time. 20% off sale items (sadly this ended already, but you didn't miss much since there wasn't amazing products on sale anyways).
 It also came with a card that had samples of perfumes. I have never saw anything like this, it was pretty cool.  I kept this just to try one day.  :D Smart sephora, smart. 

 I got this clean perfume trio which comes with Clean rain, skin and white woods.  All of the scents smell very.....clean just like the name.  It is not overpowering and honestly I bought this just to get free shipping.  Skin smells just like when I take a shower and come out, rain smells like fresh mildew in the morning dropping off grass tips, and white wood smells slightly like men's cologne but in a good way. 

 For $12, this is a great size!  Compared to a regular sample size of perfume, these are three times the size so they will last a while before you have to buy it.  I know Marshalls, winners, Ross carries the clean line for fraction of the price so if you do ever want it, get it for cheaper :D.
 The main event! The naked 3 for $62 CAD.  I got it for $42 since I used the coupon code.  I do not own any of the previous Naked palettes since they didn't look special at all.  I already own the 88 warm palette and the 22 warm palette so I didn't see the need to get any of them. The naked 3 looked different enough for me to purchase since it was "rose gold".  Nooner was my most favorite shade out of the whole palette but there is a muted lilac shade in my 22 warm palette so I didn't find the need to keep this palette anymore.  

Yes people, sadly I returned it.  It took a lot of thinking but in the end I just returned it.  It was a nice palette and the colors were nice (except for the two glitter shade which i still have a vendetta with and want it out of the palette), but not nice enough to stay in my make up hoarder's collection. I wanted to like you, but it didn't work out :(.

 Ohhhh, ahhhh~

 The palette comes with samples of all their eyeshadow primers.  I actually think this is really nice, and the size is quite big for a sample.  People were complaining since it didn't come with a lip gloss or eyeshadow primer in the tube but I don't mind this since you do get quite a bit.  I'd say it would last you one or two weeks each so no biggie!

 I used to own the zero shade but somehow I dropped it with my favorite Prestige eyeliner in cocoa.  It was a sad day, I mean these eyeliners are $23 each! AIYA~~ So I'm glad I caught these on sale in a set of six for $23 :).  I'm a happy camper. Reviews will come later. I thought there was perversion.  I love that eyeliner T__T.  Guess not.  I'll get it when they have their second 20% in around April keke.  No worries. 
That is all for my sephora haul.  Hoped you enjoyed the pictures and little captions.  As always, thank you for reading!  

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