Monday, November 3, 2014

Memebox x pony eyeshadow palette

Memebox X Pony
Recently, about a two months ago, i found out about this korean girl that does beauty videos on youtube under the channel called InsiteTV and her segment is called "Pony's beauty diary".  I instantly fell in love with her videos since she gives out great tips, the quality of the video is crips and clear and her instructions are very useful.  And of course she is talented for sure and very pretty! If you guys use instagram and stalk the #memebox, there are sometimes a crossover of the korean girls korean memebox hashtags, and a lot of use memelovers were getting super jelous that they got to buy this awesome palette.

So now that it is finally here, you might want to look into it because it is a great everyday palette for sure!  There is...

Make sure to check out the coupon codes at the end of the post ;).

She's gorgeous :D.  The wonder of a korean women and their cosmetics.  It equals love!

I do not have this palette on hand, but from the photos I do believe half of the palette is matte, and the other side is shimmery which is great because that is the one thing i I look for when I want to buy a palette.  But most of the time I just back out on buying any palette because it really wouldn't make any sense if I were to bring one palette with me, but then have to bring extra single shadows because the palette can not fulfil my texture needs.  I'm not into all shimmery colors on my eyes.  Just no... it looks too heavy and very unnatural.  I like my mix of mattes and shimmers ;).

So what do you guys think about this palette?
Pony X Memebox Eyeshadow Palette (US Ship)
Shipping starts Nov. 10

Pony X Memebox Eyeshadow Palette + Meme Brush (US Ship)

Pony X Memebox Eyeshadow Palette (US Ship)
Shipping starts Nov. 10


X40KLV: $5 off $30 on any orders (yea they changed the policy to over $30 now :(... not happy either)
Freeshippony50: free international shipping for orders over $50
MEMEBUNDLE3: $5 off an order with 3 memeboxes or more

MEMEBUNDLE4: $8 off an order with 4 memeboxes or more

$5 off automatically through this link (that means you can use a coupon on top of the automatic discount)

$10 off $150 automatically through this link (same thing, you can use a coupon on top of this automatic discount)

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