Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Offically Etude House's newest Pink bird member

I'm very pleased to announce that I am the new pink bird for Etude house!  What does this mean?  This means Etude House will be sending me a box full of their upcoming products for me to review every month to review, swatch and to show my lovely readers what will be their newest collections.  This collection, I believe, has not been released since I cannot find any information on the Christmas collection.

What is a Etude house pink bird?
I'd like to call myself a secret agent (CIA, FIB, all that jazz!) for Etude House, but I'm not that cool haha.  Pink bird is a exclusive program where Etude House hand pick beauty bloggers all around the world to showcase their products for all their Etude House's fan worldwide.

Can I buy the pink bird boxes?
I do not believe you can buy these boxes since these are pretty much like press boxes.  I do hope they come out with a beauty box just with Etude house products.  That would be amazing!

I myself don't have much information about this program so I can't really answer questions, and there isn't information on the web either.  But I hope you do enjoy yourself here on my blog now that you can get the sneak peek of the upcoming Etude house collection!  I'm super excited :DD.
Cool pink bird badge! :DD IT'S OFFICIAL~

My future goal is to go to South Korea and experience the culture, food and of course their amazing beauty products, but for now, Korean cosmetics will have to do.  A dream is only a dream until it becomes reality, sigh...

You interested to see the details?  Clink "read more"!  I know you want to ;).
 After opening the really pretty, light pink box, the first thing that appears is the little pink folder.  I feel so official! What is the first task for agent pink bird Christina?

 The Pink Bird sticker seal!  This is really new to me, I've bee researching to see if there are any other pink birds on the web, but nothing really shows up. If you guys have see other pink birds, please link me down below in the comment section! I would love to know who the other pink birdies in the world are.
 The folder has been open, the seal has been broken.
 Wow!  This is their Christmas collection.  Etude House never fails in the packaging, cuteness and quality.  Why I love Etude House is that they, of course, have ridiculously cute packaging which you can not find in the American market.  The price point is amazing, ranging from $2-$25 for make up products, and maybe a little bit more expensive for skincare products, but very reasonably priced.  I mean if you step into Sephora and want to buy two products, it's already $100.  What that money you can go to Etude House and get about five to six products.  That's the difference between Korean and American cosmetics, and that is why I prefer Korean cosmetics over American cosmetics.

The funny thing is, I bought the Anastasia brow wiz, and then I saw that it was made in Korea!  There was so little product too and it was $27!!  I might just return it and buy myself a Etude house drawing brow pencil that is only about $4.  Ridiculous!
 I wouldn't mind getting that wreath for Christmas ;).
If you haven't noticed already, Etude House teamed up with "save the children" which is a non-government organization that promotes children's rights and provides a chance for children in developing countries to be able to have an education in countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Republic of Cote D'Ivoire and Uganda.  Some factors that prevents children in those countries to get an education are domestic duties, early marriage, and poverty.  More information is in the campaign ad up above :).  Buying make up and helping to save the planet, that's pretty awesome.  Pretty awesome (literally.... kekekek get it... pretty?  Okay I know, lame jokes :D).
They also got a new video up for their campaign so if you would like to check that out, it is up above :D.  Also, here is a web teaser for their campaign as well ;).
Etude house Pink wish tree teaser
Ohhh What's in the box!!!!!!!
 Those look like super pretty nail polishes!  I have never tried Etude House nail polishes since there isn't any Etude House stores here in Canada, only overpriced imported Etude house products that are marked up by double the price.  The little paper baggie is so pretty!!!!  Can you tell I'm excited HAHA.
 What's in the box! WHAT'S IN THE BOXXXXXXXXX.
 Ohhh! That's what's in the box kekeke.  Looks so awesome.  So many goodies :).
 The back of the bag said to me "Merry Christmas".  HEHE It can talk to me ;).
 Inside the box, there are two seamless hair ties with the gold lettering of "Pink wish tree".  These hair bands got really popular in the past two years since they do not leave a crease in your hair like the regular rubber hair bands.  When I did use to have long hair about six years ago, especially during my elementary school years, I tied my hair up every single day because I didn't like my hair getting into my face.  If I wanted to put my hair down, I couldn't because there would be this weird line across my hair from the stupid hair band.  So these made me wish they came out about about a decade ago.
I do not believe these are for sale because, well it says "Not for sale' LOL.  Maybe they come in a kit or they give them out in stores?  I don't have information on that, but that is just a guess.
The design is so pretty :D.  I want this as a Christmas card!
I don't really have long hair, so I wouldn't be using this much but I could use these as bracelets with the hair band function.  Sometimes I like my hair off my face, my bangs I'm talking about, so these are useful and pretty.
I got these three nail polishes, which is again, part of the Christmas collection.  At first I wasn't really excited since I'm not a nail polish girl, but I had to swatch them for you so I did use them on my nails.  Boy am I surprised how good they are!  I was like oh no, a red color :S.  I have a couple of reds, but they never work out for me.  Either, they make my fingers look like I have old hag fingers, or the color just doesn't work against my yellow undertone skin color.
The colors I got were #330 (cool tone, bright red color), #331 (clear based flaky gold glitter) and #329 (clear based circle red glitters and mixture of green and gold strip glitters).
I'm new to Etude House's nail polishes, so I have no clue what the J and G stands for.  I'm guessing the G is for glitter, but what is J?
The reasons why I am not a nail polish girl:
1) I work in the food industry and it is prohibited to wear nail polish while making food products.
2) It is a pain in the ass to paint, wait forever for it to dry, then it doesn't dry completely even after an hour and then it either gets nicked or my finger print goes on the polish.
3) It usually takes 2-3 coats to get a decent color payoff.
4) Nail polish gets streaky, even with good brands like Essie and OPI.
5) I can paint my left hand find, but when it comes time to paint my right hand with my left hand, it just doesn't happen LOL.

I'm super surprised that Etude House beat all the things I hate when it comes to painting my nails.  I only needed one coat to get the full effect of the color, the nail polish was not streaky what so ever, drying time took less then 5 minutes for it to full dry, and the polishes are only $2-$3 each!  How awesome is that!  Etude house made painting my nails so enjoyable and not a chore!  And the hardest part was to paint my right hand with my shakey left hand, but it looked perfect! I have found my new love :).
The red color, I love.  Let's see if it will look good with the Christmas glitter polish!
I tried both of the glitters on top of the red color.  One tip, make sure to not go over your base color with the glitter polish too many times.  I went over the base color three times and I noticed the base color was slightly bleeding away into the glitter polish.  And I made sure the base color was fully dried, so it wasn't because the base color was still wet.  You are putting more polish on top, making the base wet again.

So what I did was I carefully brushed on the glitter polish, and making sure that I only went over the base color twice and stopping, letting the glitter dry and then go nuts on the second coat of glitter.  This way, my base color doesn't bleed and I wouldn't have to do my whole nail again.
I definitely didn't paint the nail polish on perfect, but this was the best I could do hehe.  Looks so pretty.  I couldn't stop looking at my nails after I did them. I haven't done my nails for almost a year now, so this really was a treat for me.  I have fallen in love with the red shade and the Christmas glitter shade, I can't rave about them enough.  The gold glitter was a lot easier to use, but the Christmas glitter was a lot more unique in terms of the combination of glitter and effect it provided on the nails.
The third product I got was their precious mineral any cushion which was a product I have been eyeing for for a long long time.  I got the IOPE BB cushion just recently and have been loving it, but the Etude house one I was also eyeing and wanted to know what the difference were.  Both Iope and Etude house are under the same company of Amore pacific, so I wouldn't be surprised if they are the same product.

Product description:
This cushion pact perfects all-day radiant and moist skin with its multi-function of brightening, wrinkle-reducing, sebum control and flawless coverage.
Firstly the box design is beautiful again.  Its so girly, so well designed and clean at the same time.
The side of the box says:
"What kind of Christmas do you wish for?  Hang your pink Christmas wish on a tree.

Pink wish tree that makes everyone happy if you make a wish.
Make a pink wish!

You and me, Pink wish tree that makes everyone happy.

Support socially excluded girls' dreams.
For ever pink wish tree item you purchase, portion of our sales will be donated to the save the children to support African girls education opportunities, school me campaign.

Enjoy using
Spend a happier winter with the prettier limited design.

Make your wish  come true with the wish card.  As the number of wish card increases, donations to fulfill African girls' dreams will also increase.

Again I am not sure if the outer shell is sold seperately, or this product comes as is, in only one shade (Natural Beige W13), but they do offer another shade in their permanent line which you can found here. These retail for $18 which I think is a very reasonable price considering the IOPE one is $35-$40.
 Here's the limited edition design of Etude house's Pink wish tree collection for the cushion compact.  I'm definitely going to carry this around with me, makes it that much more festive when I'm out and about ;).
 If you never heard of a cushion foundation, what it is is this cool puff sponge which you place in between your two fingers, squish the sponge onto the cushion to get some product and pat it onto your face.  The puff sponge feels like very fine memory foam and there aren't many products out there that has the same material or give the skin the same natural effect as these cool puff sponges. This product ranges from light to medium coverage, depending on how many layers you use.  I usually just use one layer since I only have a little but of redness around the nose, cheeks and mouth area I like to cover.

 The cushion on the inside of the compact looks like a sponge which is soaked with the BB cream.
 When I swatched this on my skin, I was so scared it would not match my skintone.  I'm an NC20-25 for reference to MAC foundations, and when I finished blending the precious mineral any cushion, there was a slight pinkish tone left on my skin.  But I did try it on my face and it matched better then my IOPE one actually.  I don't know why, but I recently found that my face is a lot lighter then my neck.  I would do my make up, then go to the bathroom mirror to only find that I look like I have a floating head.  My face would be too light, my neck is two shades darker.  So weird. But I'm pleased this matched my neck.
It blends into the skin nicely and leaves my skin with a semi-matte, slightly satin finish.  I would take a picture of it on my face, but I don't have good enough lighting yet. :(  I'm saving up to get a good lighting system for me to film videos, but I will film a video again on Saturday with natural lighting.  I did film a whole video showing you guys the box, but the sun went down half way, so the lightening halfway through the video was completely messed up and I wasn't happy enough with it to just upload it.

 The last product i got were the limited edition Kissful lip care box which comes with three different lip balms.  Can we please take another moment to enjoy the packaging.  So pretty right!  The color combinations are perfect, and the little Christmas trees on the bottom of the tube just makes it for it.  LOVEEEEEEEEEE~

These would be great stocking stuffers with such a cute box!  I MEAN COME ON!  CAN YOU HATE ME FOR LIKING THE PRETTY BOX!

I think I'm an idiot.  I only just noticed the scent in the back of the box just now haha.  The gold tubed one is 01 peach, green one is 02 strawberry and the red one is 03 cherry.
Inside it comes with three lip balms.  Wow I'm not going to have to buy lip balms for the rest of my life, or I'm going to have to reapply lip balms every 5 minutes so I can finish my stash of lip balms keke.
Ohh soo pretty :D.  I wonder how they perform.  The one thing I hate about lip balms are those that make your lips dry.  Like..... YOU HAVE ONE JOB, MOISTURIZE MY LIPS.  WHY YOU NO DO YOUR JOB!
It makes me that mad.  I know companies put some kind of chemical in it so that you would buy more of their products, but that is just ridiculous.  Sure you smell good, but if you don't do your job, do you really think I will buy your product again.

I did put these to the test, and they do do their job!  They aren't as amazing as my Pure smile lip treatment, which has become my all time favorite lip moisturizer, but they have a good standing in my good book as of right now.  The actual balm stays on my lips for about an hour and a half until I'd have to reapply.  The lip balm does make my lips soft and keeps it soft, even after the balm has completely disappear from my lips.

As you can tell from the swatch of the balms, these do not have any color to them.  Only the red ,cherry, has a tint of color on my skin, but of course when not show on my red lips.

Overall I'd give this collection a big thumbs up.  From the packaging, design, the products, everything were good quality, cute and effective.  My favorite product surprisingly was actually the nail polishes!  I'd have to try the cushion more to give a solid feel of the product. The lip balms were a nice touch to the collection for those that don't really want more make up products but want something from the collection since it is limited edition.

*Updated: Their collection has finally came out, so if you would like to check out the website and be able to buy some stuff, here is the link :).*

I'm really thankful Etude House picked me as one of their global pink birds, and I look forward to next months box :).  Thank you again Etude House, I look forward to continuing to work with you and giving me this amazing opportunity.

For my amazing readers, what did you enjoy about this collection and would love to try?  What do you think?  Comment down below and let me pick your brains out :D.

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*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes.  I was not paid or bribed in any way to give them a bias review.  These are all my personal and honest opinions.*


  1. Maybe J is Jelly texture nail polish?) Thanks for review! Collection so cute <3

    1. Ohh!!! You guys are so smart! Haha what is your favorite product in the collection?

    2. Mm.. Hair ties and cushion case ^^

    3. Haha air cushion for sure 😉

  2. Great collection! Cushion design is so pretty^^

    1. It is :D. I wouldn't mind using it all year round since i sing christmas songs even when it isn't christmas time keke. I'm werid like that

  3. Ohhh exciting! Congrats :) The J stands for "Jelly" it says "Jelly" in Korean beside the J in really tiny letters :) I'm not a nail polish person, but I really like those for Christmas! Now I want that cushion too. I've been using the Iope Cushion and just noticed my head being a different colour from my neck a couple of days ago too :|

    1. Ohhh!! Do you speak korean? If you do, i mm super jelly! I want to learn but languages don't stick with me T_T. Its a shame with the iope cushion, i have the exact same problem. I have two other cushions to try now and a cushion foundation so we will see how they work out and see if they are better then the iope cushion ;).

  4. Oh my gosh! You're soo lucky! Love the items! Can't wait for them to be released! >.<

    1. They are actually out :D! You can check them out here:

  5. No you don't get pay or pay for it. They just contact you and ask if you want to be a part of it.

  6. I was just chosen as a new Pink Bird and found your site while Googling about the program. I'm very excited about this because I have been using Etude House products for years and am a total fan girl. How long, if you remember, did it take you to receive your first box after you were notified? Good to meet you!



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