Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ELF studio liners

Cream liners have always been my favorite out of all of the choices. They give a softer look when you line your eyes, you can use them on your waterline and as a color base if you want. So when ELF came out with new studio cream liner colors, I couldn't resist any longer.The very first thing I noticed when I received these was the packaging. They use to just come with a simple little box with a picture on the outside, but the color wasn't even right. I guess ELF stepped up their game eh? Everyone of them comes with a mini ELF studio angled liner bush, which is really nice I must say. This seriously isn't even worth $1.50, its a steal man! Very smart to have the product exposed so you can see the true color. ELF have repackaged must of their studio stuff so the real color is exposed. ELF claims that this liner " creates smooth lines that are defined and precises." I must say, yes this is correct. It glides on with no pressure at all with the beautiful pigmentation of the unique colors such as the metallic olive. The life of this product is 6 months, but seriously get real. Who's really going to throw something this good away beacause of the "life span". Just pray some 90% alcohol from time to time so it will have a longer life span =). Swatches coming right up! But first, lets have a close up eh? Ivory: A nice sneer pearly white color which is good for highlighting. I was hoping it was opaque enough to use on the waterline, but big disappointment there. But on well, I'll still find use of it.
Black: This black is creamy, just like my Make Up Forever aqua eyeliner. The only complaint I have is the pigmentation of the black, but you can easily fix that with two layers eh? Other then that, there's no other problem.Metallic Olive: A beautiful dark olive color with a nice slight green sheen. Compared to the black, this one has a better pigmentation and isn't sheer. Thumbs up for the unique color ^^. Gunmetal: This I think my friend Karen would like since she was looking for a sliver eyeliner last time we went shopping. Gunmetal is a, well hence the name, gunmetal with a hint of sliver metallic-esque. Very nice unique color that is also wearable.

These dry reasonable fast and when they are actually dry, you can rub and rub but it will not smudge. Isn't that awesome? For $3, that's even better then my Make Up Forever aqua liners which are $25 each and they have more product (ELF: 2.7 g, MUFE, 2 g). ELF's liners have really nice packaging, a nice sleek and pretty to look at jewel box. Unlike a lot of the lid problems that ELF causes (ex: minty lip gloss lids), these line up and makes a little click sound/feel meaning its locked. =)
So whats my verdict for these?
Conclusion:-price: A+ ($3 each! or $1.50 during studio 50% sales)
-packaging: A+
-product quality: B+
-Overall quality: A
-Buy again? YES! a million times YES!


  1. The black one looks dried up - was the pigmentation perhaps off because of that?

    1. No it is actually like that. The pigmentation isn't that great :/, kinda sheer



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