Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boyfriend's one year anniversary present!

Me and my boyfriend has been going out for a year. I still can’t believe that time has passed that fast. I would have never believed that I could be going out with someone for this long period of time, but I don’t believe that we’d separate ever. So to celebrate this awesome day, my boyfriend made me a well thought out goodie bag. When it comes to me and my boyfriend, I’m such a kid. I know he listens to me when I tell him things, but sometimes women do question if the men are really actually listening. LOL but obviously me has been since he got me JELLYBEANS! I really wanted jelly beans one day since I haven’t had them for the longest time! We even went to 7-11 near his place but they didn’t have the ones I wanted and I was super disappointed :’(. So when I saw these in the bag, I freaked out! I went full female and was like HEHEHEHEH YEAA! And they were organic, and they were a 10 pack and they are only 60 calories per bag which I think is amazing!

He also got me my favorite body cream, the Scottish fine soaps Au lait body cream in the full size which is super hard to get here in Canada and he managed to find one in Winners. What a sweetie <3. Also in the goody bag was some orange and pistachio chocolate which I wanted to try for the longest time but never come around buying it since its about $5 for the bar which I think is somewhat expensive >_<. He also got me bride and groom salt and pepper shaker which is soo damn cute! I’m going to have to use it soon LOL. Or give him the bride one and I’ll keep the groom: D. He also got me some airhead candies; I swear he wants me to be jumping off the walls LOL!

I would rather get a really thoughtful goodie bag then a really expensive LV bag or some Prada shoes or what not since I would be so careful of those things, it would be super annoying and ridiculous. And plus I wouldn’t want him to be spending that much money on me since its unnecessary. Happy one year baby :).

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