Friday, November 30, 2012

Another VIB coupon! $20 off $50

For those that had the privilege to have 20% off at sephora, now its everyone's turn to get an awesome discount too! Just yesterday I received a $20 off $50 which was a miracle for me since I didn't really go crazy with the 20% off sale but I really wanted to get more of the Korres lip butters because my lips are always chapped :(.  I saw this awesome set on sephora's website which was three lip butters and four body butters for $34 USD but I told myself that I could never find that set in Canada since its always the states that always get the awesome stuff.  Long and behold when I went to Metrotown today, TADAAA~
 Since the coupon was $50 off $20 for V.I.B only ($15 off for everyone else), I had to get $50 or above.  Funny thing is this set for Canadians is $49 which is a little bit more expensive then for the Americans across the border but it still is a good deal :). 3 lip butters is already $48 before tax so this is an awesome deal.  I love love love Christmas times since the value sets is always unbeatable.  I was talking to one of the girls that was there and she helped me think of finding something that was only $1 HAHA.  That was hard since everything is $10+.  She's like Oh! You can always get one of these $1 soap pods LOL.  I wasn't going to since I found the Korres Pomegrante cream gel but I didn't want to pay another $50 :/.  I had to let it go but I know I'm going to regret it since that moisturizer sells out fast!
 This set comes with three lip butters: Guava (a clear color), Jasmine (light peachy beige color) and Quince (Rose pink color).  I really can't wait to use these! I absolutely love my mango one but I wanted more variety! Orange on my lips in the winter isn't the best thing, especially when I it always gets to the corner of my mouth and I look like I didn't wipe my mouth after eating a popsicle, not a good look.
 The four body butters that came with this set was Jasmine, Guava, Basil lemon and apple blossom.  I haven't smelt most of them but I did smell a few in the store and I like the clean and crisp nature of these.  They are really moisturizing without being too oily which I love! It reminds me of the Au lait body cream I got from Winners that I have used up already so I've been desperate find some more for ma bodyyyyy! Happy happy happy :)
 I originally was going to get this set since i didn't see the big one I wanted but I knew I wasn't going to be happy with it since this set was $34 and I would have to find something else that i didn't need. I was also crazy enough that I was going to get this, the big kit and the pomegranate cream gel moisturizer.  That would have been $150! Thank god I stopped myself but I remember thinking to myself to just get it so I can get the V.I.B and lock it for next year too :D.  LOL

This was a small haul but it was a big deal to me because I set out just to get these things and the hello kitty collection items  :D. I just got another coupon too for the $15 off $50 so I'm guessing the VIB's get two coupons? Do they want me broke? Holy cows!
What was your most favorite value sets? Did you buy it or are you still waiting for the right moment?

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