Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 Christmas presents :)

In my opinion, I think this might have been the best Christmas so far.  All my presents were very modest but thoughtful, I don't think I could complain...not even a bit.  The best one was from my boyfriend which is priceless I think :).
From my boyfriend's family, they came me this really cute cupcake soap that smells delicious! I don't know where they got this but this is just as good as Lush soaps that I use everyday :).   The bottom smells just like chocolate and the swirly part smells like vanilla awesomeness! I don't know if i ever want to use this though :(, its too pretty~.  They also gave me a really cute white toque since I think they figured that i like hats LOL.  I wear one almost everyday since its damn cool!!! And well, they also figured I'm a winners crazy shopper so they gave me a gift card.  So nice :'), and yes...that gift card came to use the next week HAHA.
 My parents found me this super cute onesie which soooo came in handy since I just wear it and run around my house like a teletubbie as my boyfriend calls me.  I don't care! It so comfortable and I never got this when I was a kid :).  They are actually for children but my mom got it in extra large because I'm a kid like that! And yes the picture of me, I just woke up so I didn't comb my hair.  Don't judge me hmmph!
 My really good friend finally came back from Toronto and she brought me a present :). So sweet of her! She got me this really cool couture poster, a Elizabeth Arden set with lip balm, hand cream with gloves which is super useful since I have to wash my hand at least 50 times a day at work.  No more ashy and crusty hands LOL.  She also got me this choco Air chocolate which is the first time I have tried it and it reminds me of aero but a lot less sweet. Pretty good :D.
The last present I got was from my sister.  Before I opened the box, I could already smell something that reminded me of food.  When I saw the cardboard that said diamond candles and I completely freaked out.  Now the relationship between my sister is almost nonexistence so when i saw this, I completely was in shock.  I really wanted to buy myself these since you have a chance to actually win a real and expensive ring but they don't ship to Canada, only in the states. This smells so damn good! Just like fresh cut apples and yes I did burn that the next day and digged that ring out :).  LOL I know your not suppose to but I couldn't wait and I could already see it anyways.

What did you guys get for your Christmas presents? 
What was your most favorite reactions from the person you gave the gift to? 
Let me know down below :).

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