Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Steven Madden Online horror

It wasn't very long long ago when i first laid eyes upon the christian Louboutin daffodile in the strassed verison.  I don't believe that I have seen those in person but I have seen tons and tons of celebrities rock them and they have to be the ultimate girl heels.  Gorgeous, sparkle and in heel version! I mean what girl wouldn't want those on their feet right? And yes I will remind you that I'm exactly like a crow, SHINY THINGS :D.  I mean I'd obviously buy a pair but the retail price of these is a frinkin $6,000.  I mean LIKE I CAN AFFORD THAT! Who in the right working class mind would shell out that much for shoes.  So I took it upon myself to try to do a DIY because I am desperate to have them in my life.  I would just stare at them in my glass cabinet every night.
I was trying to figure out what style of heel I'd love to DIY but I didn't know which one.  I did have the Christian Loubutin Pigalle in mind but if I were to wear that for a night out, my feet would be so uncomfortable. What I do like about the shape of the shoe is that it makes any women's legs look super classy and lady like.
But in the end, I still decided to get the same high platform and stiletto heel I mean go big or go home right? I know i know, they kind of look like a porn star heel and it is over the top but I'm a platform kinda girl! I'm only 5'3 so I wouldn't mind having the extra height you know what I'm saying? XD
So when I finally found the exact type of shoe to DIY on, it was from Steve madden. I have seen this shoe around so it wasn't very hard to find but the price tag on this shoe was $99.95 for the babylonn original price but they were on sale for $68.87 and now only down to $53.99.  For the same shoe but in leather version is called dejavu which is more expensive at $129.95 original price but down to $99.98 now.  I choose just to get the Babylonnn one since I heard they weren't as tight as the Dejavu and it was cheaper.
The babylonn is a man plastic material? I'm sorry but I do not know what the material is since it is not stated on the site.  The inside has a man made leather lining too, it feels quite nice :).  This shoe has a 2 inch hidden platform and a 6 inch heel.  Surprisingly, these are one of the most comfortable heels I own, next to my nude wedges.  They are not hard to walk in at all and they fit true to size. 

Now to my story of the horrible online shopping experience on Steve madden.  I first placed my order on their site on December 10. Everything was completely fine, transaction was smooth and I got an email shortly after I placed my order to confirm that they have my order in their system. And then the next day in the morning, they send me a message saying that they were sorry to hear that I have returned my heels and they have received them.  I was quite confused as to why that would happen but I also received another order number and a tracking number so I was like whatever.  I got an email explanation saying that the first shoe had a defect so I was very impressed that they caught that before it came to me and that they do care about their products and customers.  

Since they send me a tracking number and the impatient me as I am, I checked where my package was going since they were sending it by UPS.  It was in Connecticut for some reason and just stayed there.  On Dec. 13 I got another email saying I returned the shoes AGAIN and then got another email saying the same exact thing, how the shoe was a defect and they were sending me another one.  Okay, now they were just wasting my time so I called up to customer service and the guy said the first one was the wrong size and the second one had something would with the shoe.  So I asked him if I was still getting my shoe and he said yes, they have sent it already.  They already wasted 8 days during this whole process so I was already quite fed up with it.  I just wanted my shoe damn it. 

Fast forward again to Dec. 20 when my shoe was finally actually shipped by fedex and as I was tracking the process, it did look like it was finally going to come to me.  Almost every four hours it was already in a new city coming closer and closer to me.  I was happy that they estimated my package would arrive to me in two days at 5 pm.  So that day finally came and they were early! The lady came to me at 2 p.m.  I thought all I had to do was just to get the package but she asked for money.  I was quite confused but I still gave it to her anyways.  I was thinking in my head "Are the actually charging me for express cost? Because I always buy things online and even when it is more then $100, they never charge me custom fee." And this shoe was only $63, so why would they be charging me an extra $34 when I already paid $24 for shipping on their website??

I didn't really care at that time but when I went to open my package, my shoe was frinkin dented in the front! There was glue everywhere.  I didn't pay pretty pennies for a defect.  This is stupid.  They wasted so much of my time with the stupid "I'm defected..blahlala.". If I knew that this would happen, Id save the time and just go to the Steve Madden store here in my mall.  They were $130 CAD and on the website was only $69 so i decided to get it online.  So I emailed them a very strongly worded letter telling them  how unacceptable this is, how the shoe was not worth the price and how fedex charged me an extra $34 for "custom". It went back and forth and back and forth and they finally offered me $50 back.  I wasn't going to argue for more since that already was their shipping charge and the extra shipping charge so I stopped.  

I honestly wasn't going to complain since I was going to cover the shoe with crystals anyways but their customer service really sucks.  Bottom line, I wouldn't recommend getting shoes off steve madden website.  I'd either get it at winners or marshalls when you find the right ones or just get it physically in the store and pay the retail price and save some of your time and energy.

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