Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inside a lush Honey farm

Just recently went to Lush during their boxing day sale which was a buy one get one free event and it only happens once a year so I couldn't miss out.  I knew for sure that I wanted to finally buy myself a Honey farm wrapped gift since most of the stuff inside I really like, especially the Honey I washed the kids bar soap, their best selling soap.
First of all, let's start with the packaging.  The wrapping paper is made of 100% recycled material which just makes this gift more of a feel good thing :D.  There are little bees all over the wrapping paper and the whole gift is wrapped with a black ribbon with thick white stitching all over.  
 Each gift has a little directory of what is in the gift. This particular one has It's raining men shower gel 3.3 fl oz. which has the same smell of honey I washed the kids soap but in liquid form, honey I washed the kids soap 100 g, Butterball bath bomb, Honey bee bath bomb and a soft coeur massage bar.
 Ahh its naked! After unwrapping the box, this is what is revealed.  All lush products has a little cute sticker of who packaged the product and all products made by lush which makes it that much more personal.  Its a really cute concept and only lush does that as far as I know :).
 I know there was a time where lush gifts was packaged with popcorn.  And yes edible popcorn but I wouldn't suggest eating the popcorn since there was soap and what not sitting in that box for ages LOL.  So now they use packaging peanuts to hide away your products.
All of the gift has these little booklet with small explanations of what each product is in their whole lush collection.  Love the idea since all of the lush product doesn't have any product packaging.
 I can't wait to try this! Liquid honey i washed the kid, just want I wanted and needed. I'm not really used to using solid soaps so I think I might like this a lot more :).
 I still haven't opened the soft coeur massage bar since I don't know what to use this for.  I don' t live with my boyfriend and I don't massage myself so this is kind of useless for me but I will try to find a good use for this.
The two bath bombs are butterball which is super duper popular and honey bee bath bomb. Butterball to me doesn't smell special me but a slight clean clothes smell. Honey bee though smells amazing. I don't know if it is because it has been in the same box as honey i washed the kids smell but oh my goodness, it just smells like sweet honey with a hint of caramel.

Overall I would buy this gift set again but considering $40 for 6 products, I don't think I would be rushing out to buy this anytime soon. I think I would just repurchase honey I washed the kids soap and its raining men :).  

What do you think about this wrapped gift? Which one is your most favorite out of all of th elush gift sets?

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