Monday, January 7, 2013

Boxing day haul

The night before boxing day, I was so excited to go to this really big mall called Metrotown in Burnaby for boxing day that I couldn't sleep at all and went to the mall right when it was opened at 8 am.  Luckly I decided to drive and get there right when it opened or else there would be absolutely no hope on getting a parking spot and the stuff I bought was quite heavy if i were to carry it around with me the while time I was shopping.  
Even though I went there right when it opened, the mall was already packed and I knew right then and there, I had to head to Lush first since last year they sold out of their Honey I washed the kids when I got there at 11 am.  I wasn't going to risk that chance so I went and got two blocks of it :).  I was happy since everything was still there and I got first dibs on them! Happiest day of my life :D. Also this is the only day in the whole year that I would buy some lush products since it is buy 1 get one free and I usually only just get their soaps.  I don't really take baths in my household so bubble bar and bath melts are useless to me.
 I actually accidentally deleted the picture of the stash of honey I washed the kids but this is a stash of the North pole soap that smells like mint and chocolate.  Its amazing too :).  I picked a piece that just had the pink part which was just chocolate and I love it!
 It wasn't super crazy packed with people when I got there but the line up felt impossible! It felt like the longest thing everrrrr.  All the customers was having a little chat, making the cashier slower and there was only two cashier there too.  Oh my goodness >_<. 
 There was this lady in front of me that had so many of the lush gifts, I'm pretty sure that it run up to at least $300.  Damn LOL.  I wonder how she could carry all of that to her car or even worse if she didn't even have a car.  Just imagining this tiny asian lady carrying it LOLOL.  Okay, back to reality.
 So in the end, I did control myself I think since I got myself two of the Honey farm gift box for $39.95 and it comes with a bar of 100g Honey I washed the kids soap, butterball bath bomb, its raining men shower gel, honey bee bath bomb and soft coeur massage bar which has actual chocolate in it :D.  Most of the stuff I would use so I didn't mind getting this gift set.
I will do another post of this lush haul since I have a lot to say about the stuff I got so watch out for that.  I can't wait to use It's raining men since it is basically the liquid version of honey I washed the kids.  If they had that in a perfume, I'd use that everyday no problem :D.
I got myself two bars of the honey I washed the kids.  This chunck is already $16 Cad which is quite expensive but the smell of it is too amazing.  Too bad I can't afford buying a whole wheel. If i could, id just leave that in my room so it would smell like that.  UGH!
 I believe this is a repromote from their Christmas collection from last year called the Northern lights.  Nothing really special.  This falls into the same category as sexy peel, sandstone and bohemian, citrusy.  I love citrus smells since it is so awakening and refreshing so this is perfect :).
This one is called North Pole which is completely brand new to Lush and it is actually a whole pole in the store so the name completely suites it.  It has a chocolate and mint scent which is very nice and not overbearing to the point where I want to puke.  I usually wouldn't buy a mint scented soap but this is really nicely balanced :).  I quite like it.

The second store I hit was Nine west of course.  Now the prices in Nine west is quite expensive but I have to admit that their shoes are comfortable so I would give them that.  Most of their shoes are really boring and old lady like to me but my most favorite part of heels are from them and they also were the pair of heels that I wore when I first met my boyfriend so it holds near and dear to my heart.  I didn't want to miss the chance to buy the pair of shoes I want and not have my size which would suck so i fought through the river of people to get there.  
Most of the shoes were 50% off but there were also ones that was only 30% off which kind of sucks but I still wanted them so LOL.  Too bad for me to falling in love with them!  I actually already knew what I wanted to get but little did I know that the part of heels was going to be Barbie heels, meaning your foot is arched so much to the point where its basically just walking on your toes LOL.  Too bad because I really loved them but oh well.  I did end up getting these other pairs that I had my eye on called "Drumroll" in the color pink multi suede. 
 They also had these in a more muted color scheme but this was the only pair of size 6.5 I didn't really mind the bright colors so i got these.  I'm actually a size 7 normally but because these are bootie style shoe and the front top didn't really hold my feet properly so I had to get a size 6.5 for a better fit.  These really remind me of the style in the movie Tron, super future-estque.  The cut out on your feet is really unique since it shoes the sides of your feet, never seen or had any pair of heels like this! Its awesome.  I'm also really happy that I have another pair of shoes to add to my collection since I'm a picky shoe buyer and would only buy a pair if they are comfortable, looks good and I can get it at a good price.  I got these for $79 after tax and discount which I think is a very reasonable price point for these since they are still on sale on their website for $111.99 which I don't find that to be a deal since the original price is $140.00.  You can check these out here if you are interested to find these.
 Love me some platform heels :).  These puppies has a 1.5 inch platform.
And a 5.5 heel height which really would be 4 inch heel from the platform which is why I love me a lot of platform shoes since it just makes everything more comfortable and I think it looks better too.

This isn't really from the boxing day sale but I finally bought myself a pair of runners since I'm really serious about working out now LOL.  Hopefully I would get off my bum and do as I think.  These were $59.99 which I have been putting off on buying but I couldn't put it off anymore since I finally found a pair that wasn't pink FINALLY! I wore these for the first time and omgawww! They feel like I'm walking on cloud! These are called the Nike air and the inside is so padded, it feels super comfortable.  I think the sole does a pair of the job too.  I don't know much about runners but I'd wear these everyday too :), just to run away from my boyfriend harassing me.  LOLOL joking joking, I love him.
 I was actually already done with shopping after I bought the pair of Nikes but my friend wanted to check out Aldo and they had this little section where it was 50% off all their clutches and an extra 30% off their bags.  I saw this bag called "Ferruso" and it caught my attention since it was actually a pretty good quality bag which is really surprising since aldo shoes is super uncomfortable and the quality of the bag is never really that good. It was originally $50 but I got it for $27.99 which I think was a reasonable price. They still have this bag on sale on their website if you would like to check it out on their website.
 The inside has three compartments, two just open spaces and one part with a zipper which I think is a must since the bag itself doesn't have a big zipper to close it completely.  I also love the attention to detail on this bag.  Its not everyday you could come across a good quality bag at aldo LOL for this price too.
 The zipper detailing, which is functional, is awesome too! I can put my phone or loose coins and it would be easy access.
 I also love the small stud detailing on the sides and the best thing yet is that it has a body strap! That is a complete must for me since I don't find that holding my purse or bag is really ideal for which I'm out.  
 I also love the handle detailing! Its this lace up type of thing and it has buckle handles which I believe is just for show.

Overall I think I did a good job controlling myself during such a rush of sale time.  Spent about $300 for a lot of things that i love so no regrets!

What was your most favorite boxing day sale item you got? Did you got boxing day shopping?

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  1. hey what's wrong with someone purchasing over $'s boxing day sales.
    Maybe you were just being selfish and obnoxious to realize that the store didn't only cater for you.



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