Thursday, June 6, 2013

Temptu airbrush system for only $74.99? Whaaat

Back when sephora still carried Temptu products, that was one of the many things people lusted over.  I never really thought of buying it since it was a super expensive gadget.  So I was in quite a shock when I saw that Winners were selling Temptu pods.  I was quite confused at first because I saw a set for their self tanning and little individual pods for $9.99.

In the back of my head I was wondering why would they sell the pods but not the actual system itself. So to my surprise today when I was in winners, just when I was about to leave the store something caught my eye.  It was this.
I was quite shocked at first.  When I looked closer, it had Temptu's logo on it.  I was certain of what was inside but there was a security belt all around it.  Another thing that shocked me was that there was a red tag!

SERIOUSLY? $74.00? Are my eyes fooling me? No seriously.  Today I had to go to the eye doctor to get my check up done.  They gave me these eye drops that makes my pupils super big like I'm on drugs or something but I'm not.  They make my eyes sore, super sensitive to the sun and I can't see anything up close.  LOL But for sure I wasn't that blind.  So to my excitement, I lined up to get the cashiers to open it up for me. Everything was exactly what I thought it was.  TEMPTU AIR BRUSH SYSTEM :O. $74? WHY NOT!
This is a beautiful sight. :)
 Everything is in perfect condition.  Well the bag is a little scratched up but everything is fine on the inside :).
 The black pouch doesn't belong there LOL.  That was from my ipad stand.  I misplaced it there.
Everything is beautiful but I don't know if i should keep it.  Yes it is a very good steal but the pods themselves cost $45 which is very ridiculous.  What do you think? Do you think its worth it to keep this machine and buy their pods for $45 each or buy the ones with metal guns and being able to customize your own colors and everything. Hmm. I really want to try this machine out but if I don't have the pods, then the machine itself is useless.

What are your opinons? Keep this machine? Sell it? Or just return it?

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