Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Temptu Consumer Airbrush system update

As you might know, I found the temptu airbrush system at Metrotown in Burnaby last week from two posts ago but I was still uncertain if I wanted to keep it or not since I didn't even have any pods to work with.  So I told myself, when I went to another Winners close to my house, I find pods, then I would keep it.  Well guess what? It turned out even better then what I expected.
My luck was with me that day.  I went with my mom on a Thursday I believe? I brought the other one I bought in Metro with the mind site of "if I don't find any pods, then I'm just going to return the whole system." I rushed into the beauty section straight away, looking all around the make up section but I couldn't find any! I was quite sad because I really wanted to use airbrushing and see what the difference is and what all the rave is about.

I don't know why, but is always when I finally give up that I find what I wanted in the first place.  I gave up after looking three times in the same section, but then the clearance section was a completely different story.  I don't know why I didn't think of looking there, but a white box caught my eyes.  it was in the back of everything with the security spider locking up the box.  It was....THE TEMPTU AIRBRUSH SYSTEM! This one is the regular one, black compresser and I wanted this on instead because I was scared that the other one had something missing in it and I like it all black anyways.  So I returned the other one, picked this one up and kept looking in the clearance section. Both were stil the same price. 
I knew maybe if I waited, the price might drop but I didn't want to risk it being gone when I go back for it.  For those make up lovers, this is an awesome find because only those that really love make up know what this is.  The reason why no one bought these was that they had no clue what it was.  There was a lady looking at the pods that i was going to buy and she looked kind of interested.  I told her what it was for but she had no interest. LOL  Good good, more for me HAHA. So for all you make up lovers that love in Canada and USA (TJMaxx, marshalls), check out your local Winners (or TJMaxx or marshalls) and find yourself one too :).
 Inside look of the temptu airbrush.  Ohhh ahhh~~
 I absoultely love the black compresser more for sure.  The white one is nice too but the black one is more sleek.  One downside is that your stinkin fingerprints dirty the compresser and gun super easily.  Darn it!  I wish they could change that :/.
Inside look on the accessories that it comes with.
Proof that I'm not lying haha.
 The temptu quik start guide.  Meh  I never read these things LOL.
It comes with a cd to show you how to use the airbrush.  I think you chould actually learn more from Youtube.
 This kit also comes with a trio stand, power plug and the rubber hose.
 Ohhh ahhh. This sits nicely on my vanity now. Can't wait to get my hands on the foundation.  I think I'm going to hold off until Imats to see if they have any there.  If they don't, then I will just buy it off the internet.
Side view
The one factor that really made me want to return the airbrush system even though it was dirt cheap was the pods itself.   They are ridiculously expensive, like $35-$45 a pod.  What? I could just go to MAC or sephora and get myself in the high end department.  Why on earth would anyone in their right mind pay that much for a pod.  Well thats maybe why its called "consumer" edition.  I was thinking of getting the pro gun because I could mix my own shades and use a lot less.  But the pod method, you never have to mix it, and it is easier for clean up because....well there is no cleaning necessary.
 Thank goodness that Winners sold their pods too. I remember thinking to myself "why would they sell the pods but not the systems?" But two weeks after,  I found myeslf the system but they didn't have the pods anymore T_T.  So it was quite hard for me to find them.  The duo originally is $55 retail price but I found it at winners for only $16!  They were on clearance since people touched them and everything.  The boxes were quite messed up and dirty but I mean the product itself is find because no one can use it without the system anyways.  So I didn't really mind it :).  Super cheap too!
 I also found the self tanner one too for $10.   The really werid thing about the pricing at the winnrs next to my house is that they priced it higher then Metrotown. I asked them about it but all I heard was B.S. LOL.  Meh Thats okay since its the same price after its "clearanced" anyways.
 See what I'm talking about? $9.99.  This one was from Metrotown.  All of the pods at metro town was everywhere.  Boxes here, pods over there.  Had such a hard time trying to find the pods with their original boxes.
After going to four Winners and one marshalls, I found myself six pods.  Total I paid $60 for six pods.  If I bought it off of Temptu website, all of these would have costed around $150.  Whooo for saving me some money. 
(From left to right): Blushing coral, Champangne, 011 Chestnut (which is a foundation but I'm going to use it as a contour), self tanner, copper highlight and hot pink.
 Almost all of the pods I bought lost their little black cap T_T.  I hope that is okay LOL or else I would have to put some sticky tack so it doesn't dry out or leak.
 In every pod, there is a little stick that you have to poke into the hole when you first use it to unplug it.  That hole is to push air in so that product would come out when you pull the trigger.
 Ohh Looks super nice on the stand :).
 Pod inside the gun. Looks like a fish to me haha.  I'm just testing out the pods and the colors.  They look super natural.  I think I'm loving it.
I'm surprised that it looks so light and it doesn't feel like anything on the skin.  I want the foundation so badly now! AHH~

So I am happy to report that I will be keeping the system.  Not a big fan of the price tag to maintain if you want to use it but I fo believe that I will never finish a pod anyways.  Even if it does say that one pod is a 6 week supply. I hardly ever wear make up since I have to get up at 5:40 am in the morning for work and no one customers have to see my face anyways LOL.  My zombie face. 

Do you guys have temptu or any other airbrush system? How do you like it?  I have heard of Dinair and luminese but I think I will just stick to temptu for the time being.  Tell me all about your experiences or opinions in the comments down below :).

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