Thursday, June 13, 2013

Michael Todd Skincare Haul

 I couldn't resist! The power of social media has got me once again.  Its not necessarily a bad thing but it is kind of when I'm trying to save money LOL. Meh.  Only live once.  Don't want to be pulling out the YOLO but sadly I just did.  Hearing so much about Michael tood, I finally broke down to buy some for myself to try.  Mainly because gossmakeuparitst said the eye-o-sonic was amazing.  I pretty much take his word for 100% :).
I might have bought the wrong skincare regimen but thats okay.  Actually its not okay because I'm breaking out now T_T.  I have normal to dry combination skin and I was stupid enough not being able to see the normal combination skin discovery kit which is a five piece 1 oz. sample size skincare kit for $36 as of right now.  I don't know the original price but thats the "sale" price.  I have heard others have been able to get it for only $19 :(.  Maybe I will wait for the sale to happen before I try it again.

 First thing in the top of the box was some samples of Concentrated C serum, Jojoba charocoal facial scrub, Organic Lemon toner and pearl and silk facial mask.
 I hate packing peanuts.  I never know what to do with them :/.  Too many! AHH
 Ohhh ahh~  I see what I bought now :D.  I paid $36 for the discovery kit and $49 for the eye o sonic and the intensive eye treatment.  But even without a coupon code, everyone gets 20% off automatically anyways so total I paid only $68 + $6 ish for shipping to Canada. Not too shabby since I normally pay $50 for a face cream anyways.  I was quite surprised that Michael todd isn't too expensive, their stuff is organic for the most part and I love the fact that they use aloe vera as their base and not fillers.  There are also no parabens, no sulfates, synthetic fragrances, artifical dyes and everything is also vegan too :D.  So basically, goodness for your skin.
 I have been trying the skincare out but I can't do a full review since I haven't used them long enough.  I'm really hoping these work for me.  So far I'm liking the texture and the natural frangances. It kind of smells like lush products if you guys are familiar with that smell.  Kind of natural, really herbally but Michael Todd scent isn't has strong.  So don't worry, you don't need to plug your nose.

 Reviews will come later on.  I bought these products with my own money so don't worry, my opinons are truth!

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