Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Haul at Daiso

Many many times I would go into stores like Winners and Daiso not expecting to buy anything and just going there for a stroll, and then end up buying a bag full of stuff.  Don't pretend you don't do that haha.  I like many people step into target for groceries and end up buying tons of stuff they don't need.
I believe that we have the biggest daiso outside of Asia which is located in Richmond, British Columbia in Canada.  Vancouver if  you will.  Two stores high, ridiculously big too.  Tons and tons of stuff, even stuff you don't need but wilil still put into your basket because, heck.... its only $2 anyways!

Haha so this is one of the things I didn't really need but thought it would be cool to have.  When I make cookies or some goodies, these would be perfect.  They are 30 cm X 20 cm plastic bags with cute animal designs on it.  There was frogs, bears, rabbits and another one that has skipped my mind.

 I bought these with the intention of changing up the straps from a chopper one piece strap I bought at the night market for me and my boyfriend but I really didn't like the strap that it came with.  It was super cheapo looking and the chopper itself is metal.  The strap that it came with looked like it was going to break in two seconds.
 The strap was only $6. I originally bought it because I liked it and I asked my boyfriend if he wanted one too and he said no.  Next thing you know, after we leave the stall, he claims chopper to be his .  LOL So I went back and bought another one.  Matching :D.
I like the daiso strap much much better :D.
 This was actually what I intended to only buy but obviously that turn out that way.  I'm quite a girly person I would say but I'm more comfortable to be somewhat of a tomboy too.  Mix of both ^_^.  The only "semi-beauty" products I carry is hand cream, three types of lip balm, eye drop, mirror but I was still missing a hair comb.  Now i'm finally complete and ready for a bad hair day HAHA.
 I found me a pack of white board markers which is awesome because these in american retail stores are around $9-$12 a pack which is ridiculous.  I just want markers, not liquid gold.  Whoo saved me some money here :).
 I also found this for my whiteboard so i could organize my life size calendar for me and my family so we could see what our week schedule and coordinate accordingly.  This is just a thin whiteboard tape.  The one I'm using right now is way too thick.  I can't even write in the tiny boxes :/.

 Before my boyfriend had to go back to school, i gave him my bus pass holder so he wouldn't lose it.  He kind of has a tendancy to lose things because he doesn't like it back to where it belongs.  So he loses cash, cards and anything he puts into his pockets. Now he doesn't lose anything with this ^_^.  Happy girlfriend haha.
This was kind of a waste of money but i found these earphone holder thingys.  I tried it the other day and I don't really like it.  The plastic isn't hard enough to and it itsn't long enough for me to roll my headphones all around it.  LOL cute but uselss.

All in all, it was a good $15 I spent LOL.  Not too bad.  I love the feeling when you go somewhere and you can buy anything and everything and it still doesn't cost tons of money.  Thats why I live for Winners, thirft shopping occasionally, and online shopping :).
Have you guys went to daiso before?  What was your most favorite finds?

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