Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vero Moda top from winners

My closet is lacking in dressy tops.  I've been kind of on a hunt for more dressy clothes since I have a billion and one t shirts.  I need help! There are so many t shirts that my drawers doesn't even want to close!  So when i was just strolling around Winners like any other day that i'm there, a super cute floral top caught my eye.
The cool thing about winners is that they limited edition things, things from past seasons but they also carry current products.  I just checked Vero Moda website and this is from their current summer line.  I absoultely love the print.  The cool colors mixed with the warm pink is perfect.  This print also comes in a maxi dress, blouse, romper and many others. 

This top looks quite similar but it isn't.  The back doesn't have that nice spagehtti strap detailing but I do like the slight ruffle in the front.  This top is called "Carnival gatsby". $27 CAD

They actually had this romper in Winners too.  I tried this one on but I never like tube dresses becaucase, well it makes my boob look like a uni boob :/.  Not a big fan.  At winners it was only about $19.99, retail price $43 CAD. "Carnival Ava S/L Mini"

Winners had this maxi dress too when i went back to winners a few days after.  I was about to buy this dress but it didn't have bra padding which is a must for me.  I have no clue how to wear pretty things that shows my back T_T.  It always amazes me.  So built in bras is a must must must.  There was a beautiful twist detailing in the back and the quality of this dress was wow.  Only $24.99 CAD at winners, $55 retail price. "Carnival S/L ankle."

This one, called "Carna S/L Tunic" is like a blouse dress.  I remember when i was about 6, my mom made me wear this shirt that was way way way too big for me as a dress. LOL Now that I look back at it, its quite funny.  $47 retail price.

These pants are to die for! I need them. I'm super obessed with crazy prints right now, I have no clue why. Maybe I should jus tnot be lazy and make myself a pair LOL.  Not like I can't do that.  "Carnival ankle pants." $35 retail price 
 Closer look at the strap detailing.  I love it, and it was super cheap at winners too :D.  The only thing is that I don't like wearing a stupid strapless bra! It always feels like it is sliding down my body T___T.  Crazy annoying!
Which piece from this print Vero Moda collection do you like best.  I would have bought the maxi dress, but I thought that since I already had this top and the fact that it is easier for me to wear rather then a dress, I just ended up not buying it. 

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