Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The body shop haul

I must admit that I do like the body shop as much as I don't want to.  I don't know why but in the back of my mind, I don't like the body shop LOL.  I think it is because I feel that there are too much artifical smells.  But I couldn't pass up on their sale (which they have one almost everyday but the best one for sure is 3 for $30 which you can pick whatever you want) 4 for $30 mix and match of their selected body butters and body showers.  I saw the size of the shower gels and was impressed!  Everytime I pass by the store, i go and check if they have their peach scent back and also smell the other scents (which i do like some of them) but a few of their "try me" smells disguisting.  It smells just like stinky plastic in body butter.  Ewwww.....

Back during Christmas of 2012, they had this amazing limited edition peach scent that smelled just like a fresh cut peach.  I wanted to buy it but I wanted to wait until boxing day to get it.  Well I'm an idiot and completely forgot about it and by the time I remembered, it was too late.  BUt it has came back@ They also added a lip gloss and a body scrub.  I smelled it once again, the body butter that is, but I don't know why it smelt like plastic.  It was nasty! Maybe it was just the try me sample but UGH!
For the mix and match sale I was getting was the pink grapefruit shower gel and the strawberry shower gel.  They also had satsuma, morgina.  Not many choices to choose from but that's okay.  I snatched the last pink grapefruit one :P.  Did i mention these are HUGE? 750 mL to be exact.  I still have to get through my Lush solid soaps but these can sit in my back up cabinet so it is a good buy.  Regular price for these are $20, but from the sale of 4 for $30, these go down to $7 each.
Basically the reason for this haul was the body butters.  They smell so devine.  I just hope they don't turn all nasty and plasticy scent over time.  The papaya smells soo nice.  Unlike a lot of the other body shop fruit scents, this one isn't as strucking as the other scents when you go to take a whiff.  It is lighter then scents like pink grapefruit and it has a light sweetness to it.  It doesn't exactly smell like a fresh cut papaya but very very close.  Sadly the scent goes away in about an hour.  I wish they had this in a perfume form :).  PS.  This scent is limited edition which I didn't know.  I love this scent but I know if I were to buy another one as back up, it would be a waste since this body butter will take me forever to finish. 

I also got the raspberry scent.  I was torn between raspberry or blueberry but I choose the raspberry in the end.  Blueberry didn't smell like real blueberries to me but still a nice scent.  The raspberry though, I liked the fact that it has a tartness to it and the berry sweetness mixed into it.  I kind of wanted to buy all body butters but i knew there was no way I could finish them.  Darn my ecomonical thinking T_____T.

I'll do a review on these products when I have used enough of it but for the past few days, I have been not lazy and moisturize my body with the papaya body butter right before I go to bed, after I shower.  Just the scent makes me use it which is a good thing since I'm too lazy to moisturize myself.  I go to bed happy since i smell like a giant piece of fruit under the blankets.  UGHHHHH SMELLS SOO GOOD!

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