Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pokemon obession

I never thought I would say this but Hi,  my name is Christina and I have a Pokemon TCG (trading card game) addiction. If you were a late 80's to 90's kid, you would know what is pokemon for sure.  Even me as a child, not really paying much attention to them and not being a gaming person, I knew what they were.  I would always tune in for the cartoons when it was on tv.  I even remember me being all mischievous and was suppose to be doing my homework but turning on the tv instead and watching Pokemon. There was a small TV in the upstairs game room that also had a desk.
The obession started about a week and a half ago when me and my boyfriend had a day to ourselves, nothing else to do but just chill around.  He said "hey why don't we go to the dollar store (specifically Dollarmana).  There are pokemon cards there for a really good deal."  I was like "sure...." LOL but in my mind I was like "why do you want pokemon cards.  No one plays them anymore and you're just going to waste money on them."  So when we finally got there, they were in a pack of five random cards for $1. Not bad.  I didn't want him to feel left out so I bought 10 packs.  Why not right? He bought 30 right off the bat! I was like WAHHH?  He kept saying "its worth it, its worth it :D. "  I'm like...sure.....
After we paid for them, we rushed to the bench right outside the store and started to open them.  It was so much fun!  The thrill of not knowing what cards you would get, would you get a rare holographic?  The ratio for getting a shiny in the dollar store is approximately 1:25 so it is quite a gamble since most of the cards that they give you in the packs are commons, uncommons, rare if your lucky.

When I saw that he got reverse holographics and holographics, it wasn't fair! I WANTED HOLOGRAPHICS FOR MYSELF.  We spend a good three hours in the mall just going back and forth back to the dollarmana.  We even befriended the cashier that worked there called Billy.  He wasn't a fan of pokemon cards but he was a fan of one piece.  We knew this because, well we were talking to him and he had a necklace of the one piece pirate logo.
 To go with the cards, we bought about 10 packs of the card plastic sleeve pages.  I told my boyfriend to go to daiso since it would be for sure cheaper. This pack only has 8 sheets.  He didn't listen and we both got caught up in the moment so i was like meh! But I was kind of pissed after when I went to daiso another day and saw that they had a pack of 30 sheets for only $2.  UGH! We could have bought more pokemon packs! LOL.  Yes that is what a obessed person would do.  They would compare how much more of something that they could have gotten.
We finally left after three hours of opening packs and went back to my boyfriends house to look at the cards and organize them.  I got picked up and went home after that too to organize my giant stack of pokemon cards.  I'm kind of embarrassed to say I spent $150 on pokemon cards at the dollar store.  :/ Please don't judge me.
The day after that, I went to another dollarmana that would quite a drive and kind of inconvenient to go to normally.  They had very little pokemon cards but they had a nice selection of other cards such as hockey cards, yu-gi-yo and world of warcraft cards $2 for 25 cards which is quite an awesome deal.  Why don't they have that for pokemon cards :(.
The results of the second dollarmana? Five holographics in the 25 packs for myself and another 25 pakcs that I got for my boyfriend.  I scored all the holographics :D.  Glaceon, two raichu and two gyarados.  I give my boyfriend a raichu but he forgot to get the grayados.  So pretty:).
Uhhh... yea another pokemon card haul four days later :/.  I TOLD YOU I HAVE A PROBLEM! 46 packs at the dollar store. No good cards except for a reverse holographic apom and my boyfriend scored a...
Reverse holographic girafarig. So jelous :(.  This is why I can't buy pokemon cards for him.  He has to get them himself or else I would kill him in there was holographic ones.  Dang it LOL.
 Wanting to venture out to see what pokemon cards they have in stores, I went to the wal mart next to my house and found these.  They didn't really have good selection since they almost never restock, well at least for a realyl long time they haven't.  These were the few value packs that I found.  They also have the normal booster packs for $5 but those aren't really worth it.

$16.  This one ise the best value since you get three booster packs and three promo holographic cards.  I actually bought this yesterday and pulled a really awesome card!
I will break this post up into two parts since it is going to be retardedly long LOL.  So that is it.  I don't think that this pokemon addiction will stop.  I might so down but I don't see me stopping, espically when I found that there are prerelease parties where you pay $25-$30 and you get to keep 6 booster packs that hasn't been released to the public, get to keep them but you have to play three rounds and then you get two more packs for participating in the end.  If you win, you get way more packs.  AHH SO MUCH FUN :D. I never thought that I would say this but I'm addicted to a game! Too bad it is so damn expensive.  I guess thats the good thing about being an old geezer because I can buy them with my own money.  I just need self control :/.
I know that this is a little bit werid to be posting this on this blog, but I use this blog as my personal journal so I hope you guys don't mind :). 


  1. You do know that the dollar store cards r fake right?

    1. I'm very sure they are not. They are only that cheap because they are the useless cards that no one wants LOL.

  2. Dollarama cards are real they just suck



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