Monday, July 29, 2013

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

One thing that really stinks is watching your favorite Youtubers talking about all these fantastic make up but they don't have it anywhere else other then USA.  WHAT THE FART!  Canada isn't that bad since we have about 80% of the products they have in USA but it is always that 20% that kicks you in the bum and makes me want to live in the states.  I really want to since they have all the good shops, awesome drugstore deals like bogos and half off.  We never have awesome deals like that.  Not only that, our tax is higher and the price is higher.  But at least we get to say this to them, "FREE (not really) health care :D".
The one foundation in the drugstore that I really want to try and I've heard way too many good things about is the "Neutrogena healthy skin liquid make up foundation".  Why do we not have this here!  We have Neutrogena skincare but not their make up.  Sigh but I think I will get my mom to get this when she crosses the border hopefully this weekend.  

Has anyone tried this?  Anyone reading that is NC15-20?  Will the classic ivory work?

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