Saturday, July 27, 2013

IMATS Vancouver 2013

For the longest time, i was debating whether or not to go to the IMATS.  I didn't want to go because during the two weeks, I would be spending a butt load of money.  I even tried to sell my ticket but then found out that you can only transfer the ticket before April 4.  So I was kind of stuck with the thought, should i waste $30 and save me hundreds or just go?  In the end I went because I wanted a Make up forever face and body liquid foundation and a few Hakuhodo brushes.  NYX wasn't there sadly or else my experience with IMATS this year would have been better.  I didn't take a whole lot of pictures because, well IMATS really didn't impress me all that much.  As a matter of fact, it was quite disappointing.
 I got there bright and early, right before they opened. I maybe should have went there half an hour early so I could get to the Make up forever booth faster but I choose to sleep a little bit more keke.  Woke up at 7:00 am, put on some make up, and got my bum out the door and onto the skytrain.  When I got there, i had to take my online ticket and get my neon orange band.  The neon orange band was for a certain day and a blue band is for two days.  

The line up to get into the door.  I was so scared it would take forever to get into the door but right when they opened it, it was very fast.  You just had to flash your neon bands to the security guards and your good.  I couldn't get to the booth fast enough!  Make up forever if for sure the most popular stand since they offer 40% off their regular price items. This might not appeal to make up artist that already has membership with them and get the 40% normally, but for make up junkies that don't do it as a profession, its exciting which equals to chaos =____=.
 First glance right when I got through the door.  Ohhh la la la.

Yeaa when girls see make up with huge discount, there is no way they can be civilized. There kind of was a line in the beginning but people were not moving and just stood there, even if they were looking at anything. I blame make up forever since they know that they are a popular brand but there is no organization.  It took me from 8:00 am-10:15 am just to get my order in, process through the line up, stand at the other side of a cluster at the cashier.  Ridiculous.  This was my worst experience ever.  Girls were quite rude there, people just budged in front just to get their orders taken.  

How this booth worked, and all the other popular booths worked as well, you would grab and pencil and paper and write down the things you wanted.  They you'd have to get someone to take your piece of paper and get your products.  The staff would proceed to take their zip lock bags and find the products you want and close the bag.  Bags would be lined up on a table in the back and two staff members would calculate it and then you'd have to wait for your bag to appear.  Whatever you do, I'd say avoid going to the make up forever stand unless you REALLY REALLY want something.  Or you are buying a lot of products.  If not, buying one eye liners, you'd want to cry just looking at the line up and the chaos.  
 I could not for the life of me take any pictures of the products.  I couldn't even get near the table :/.  I just gave up on trying to see what products they had and just wrote down what I wanted from my list I brought from home.

They had their brushes that were 50% off. I laid off on getting any of the brushes since I was going to get brushes at hakuhodo anyways :D.  They also had see through plastic bags, make up forever tote for around $45, brush folder and. brush travel holder shaped like a tube.  I still don't know what they had there but I was too frustrated to care LOL.
Surprising thing when I saw their flash palette was that it isn't the really crazy colorful one I have.  They were actually selling the newest one.  I don't really know, I liked the other one better but I hope they keep both of them.  That would be a better choice.  This one is more for everyday, while the other one is good for colorful looks. This flash palette was around $64 I believe, after discount.
The HD collectiong would have been a really good deal but I wasn't really looking to buy anymore make up.  And plus they didn't have my foundation shade anyways.  Poo....
After the ridiculousness of make up forever, I was already kind of over it.  I was excited about Imats the night before because I knew that itsjudytime was going to be there, but I never got the chance to bump into her sadly :(.  I was still wondering if they the booth that I thought would have beauty blenders ran out yet or not but was soo excited when I saw TONS.  You don't know how happy I was that moment.  MUFE foundation, beauty blender and hakuhodo brushes was the only things I wanted.
 They had six mini beauty blenders with a cleanser (pink one came with the liquid cleanser and black ones came with solid) for $64 which is not too bad considering regular price for the pack would be $80.  Single regular size was $14.50 (retail price $25.50 CAD) and there was a pack of two with liquid cleanser for $34.  
 Thank god I came here a little bit earlier because I passed by after and there was a huge line up.  This stand sold a lot of beauty blender, sponges, clear bags, Z palette, the other stick it magnetic palettes and a lot of lashes.
The lash deal on this stand was 7 pairs for $15 or 15 pairs for $20.  Not a bad deal but I didn't really like those lashes :/.  They are the same ones as red cherry style but it didn't say red cherry.  There was also duo glues which I have no clue how much.
I knew I didn't have to worry about hakuhodo because they are on the more high end price so it wouldn't sell out fast :).  It was the first time I ever came across from them and wow.  Mac compared to Hakuhodo feels like crown brushes.  It is that good.  Butter, absolutely butterrrryyyyy goodness. 

If you guys don't know anything about hakuhodo, I will share the most important points about this company.

-Made in Japan exclusively
-Sold in Japan exclusively in Tokyo
-all handmade
-bristles are not cut; all tips of bristles are natural tips of an animal
-won Prime Minister's prize of Monozukuri Japan grand award ?? LOL (basically an award for celebrating Japanese traditional culture in a product)
These brushes do not come with a cheap price tag but I don't think it is that bad to be honest.  Yes some brushes are $90+ but there is a good range of prices.  $12-$140.  They have many many collections, and this one with the cane wrapped and maple wood handed kabuki is called "Japanese traditions".

Security was pretty tight as you might see the security camera on the far left of the rack.  Every rack had a camera, just so you know.  LOL Don't STEAL!
Beautiful sight :).  I will discuss the prices later on when I do a Hakuhodo brand review so this blog post isn't a million miles long.

I knew that Hakuhodo wouldn't have a discount but I was okay with that.  I was only going to get two brushes but ended up with 11 LOL and $240 ish less in my pocket :(. That's okay because I plan to keep these for a very long time.  They say these will last for 3-5 years and if you don't use the brushes everyday, they will deteriorate over time.  Yeaaa... I call that BS.   

Next stop, Velour lashes.  I have heard wayyy too many things about these lashes.  They are quite expensive but I thought I would give a pair a try.  I really really don't like the look of ardell lashes because they look realllllllly fake to me.  The only ones I would use is the transparent band ones from daiso.  
I'm very very picky with my lashes but these look amazing on people.  They look so real and fluttery, its amazing :). At the show, these were all $20 (I don't know about the Swarvoski ones) compared to $29.99-$39.99 regular price.  Don't worry,  I will post my haul after this post :).
 Crown brushes was not busy at all surprisingly.  I remembered back in IMATS 2010, crown brushes was one of the most busy stands but it was quite! Wow, but then again I can see why.  Three years ago, their eye brushes was $1.25-$3 max and face brushes $8-$12.  One eye brush was $4.  Wow...what a difference.  I only bought four brushes, one for my boyfriend's sister. 
I had absoultely no interest to check this stand out since it was the same thing as crown brushes anyways, but I took pictures to document the prices :P.

Wow the palettes are pretty decent price :O.
Eve pearl stand, the same things.  Never really had interest in their stand either but I know they have good stuff.
 At the curlique, they were selling stila, kevin aucoin, occ lip tars, embryolisse skin moisturizer and a few other things I have never seen before.  I was waiting in line to pay for the Kevin aucoin foundation but I got too tire of waiting and the line was not moving, so i just canceled my order all together.

 Kryolan table, ohh la la.

 The really werid thing about this booth is that Ben Nye has a table right next to them but no one goes there.  That is because they don't say anything but display them.  Then they direct you to the studio F/X booth next door to buy LOL.  What the.
 I might have picked up a finishing powder but my stupid sandals that I wore was making my legs tired.  I was over the whole Imats thing and waited to go home. Over the long line ups :/.
 If only I didn't have so many events to go to this upcoming two weeks, I would have maybe enjoyed the experience and just be free to buy what I want. But then again I have a make up collection for an army full of women so no more make up for me LOL.  Ironic to say for a girl going to a make up convention.
 A short glimpse of the student competition. Amazing....
Little live shows :).

Overall my second IMATS experience was alright, but kind of worst then the first time.  The first time I was really looking forward to MAC being there but they weren't :(.  It was the first ever IMATS in Vancouver so I didn't really know what to expect back then.  The few perks about today was that I got to get my hands on Hakuhodo brushes without having to go through shipping fee and taxes! YEY :D.  

Pros about IMATS:
-amazing discounts on beauty products and tools
-intro to new make up brands you can't get in normal retail stores
-meeting real make up artists
-meeting your favorite Youtubers

-poor crowd control
-line ups are crazy line; especially when they only have two cashiers for 30-150 at once
-debit are not accepted

Word of advice:
-buy your ticket early online; prices go from $30-$35-$45 at the door if there are still available tickets
-bring baby wipes
-bring small mirror 
-bring a list or an idea of what you want exactly, even down to the shade number and name
-wear comfy clothes; don't wear heels or you will regret it big time. Espically when things get pretty crazy and people are shoving and pushing mildly :/.

Sadly I didn't get to see itsjudytime but I really hope I do in the future since she comes down to Vancouver quite often too. One day, one day.


  1. Wow you seem to be an IMATS pro by now=) It took me 50 minutes to hand in the paper i brought with me to the Make Up For Ever lady, even if I was one of the first in line=P Hehe that's what I get for not being aggressive enough. Aw I didn't see Eve Pearl, I must've been dazed from all the line ups and crowd. Do you have a facebook page by any chance? So glad to have found a BC blogger=)
    - April

    1. Haha naww I have just went to IMATS before so I knew what to do. People there are soo O__O. You gonna be aggressive, its ridiculous. I don't have a facebook page, just my private normal one. Not popular enough to have another page :P, I just do this for fun. I'd love to meet you, do you have a blog?



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