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IMATS Vancouver 2013 Haul

 Ohh yea, it is haul time :D.  This is an overlook on what I bought.  Not much since most of my money went to Hakuhodo anyways.  I kind of blow my budget of $300 and went a little overboard at Hakuhodo but it is okay because those brushes are worth it.  I work hard for my money, I can treat myself right? LOL Okay okay, i know it is a lot of money but I held off buying anything make up related for half a year! Why do I still feel bad :(.
 Overview of the vendors that were there.  I felt like there was only around 12 vendors that were actually there to sell make up and others were just taking up space LOL. 

From the make up forever booth I only got four things.  I would have got the HD foundation and the face and body but they didn't even care my shade which is an absolute bumper.  It is like being a size 7 foot, it is always the first to sell out.

I got a Aqua lip waterproof lip liner in the shade 1C nude beige ($11.40 after discount) which has the exact color of my lips.  I maybe should have gotten something a little rosier but too late.  

I also picked up a waterproof eyeliner in 18L burgundy.  Its a plum shade with a hint of iridescent purple shimmers. $11.40.  I don't have much luck on these on my waterline which I kind of don't understand :/.

For my mommy since she likes to do her brows everyday, I got her the waterproof eyebrow gel such substance in Ash for $12.

Last but not least, I got a foundation. Not exactly the foundation I wanted but I didn't want to feel like I was going to wait in line for such a long time for nothing so i just picked it up.  The staff member actually picked it out for me within the crazy chaos that was happening around. and plus, where am I going to be able to find make up forever foundation for $21.60, its unheard of.

Total damage from make up forever: ...........$74!! is what they wrote for my total which doesn't make any sense.  Even if I used canadian prices $14.40(eye brow) +$13.80 (eye and lip liner) X 2 + $25.20 (foundation)= $67.20 CAD.  Biggest fail of my life. Not happy.

They seriously need to be like Hakuhodo and use the bar code that is already on their packaging.  What the shit.  That would make things soooo fast.
 At nigel beauty emporium, I only got two things.  I bought my boyfriend's sister the beauty blender duo set that comes with a liquid cleanser and two full size beauty blenders, each going for $34.
 I picked up this handy little tool that i will use to mix and place product so it doesn't make my hand unnecessarily colorful, especially when I forget to clean the back of my hand off. $4

 Major packaging fail.  The eggs are absolutely dented like no one's business.  Whyyy!
 I picked these up at the offical Ben Nye booth since these were free :D.  My middle name LOL.  You can just pick one out of the bowl.

 At the velour stand, I bought one pair of lashes since I am not greedy with lashes at all and am really picky with which ones I like. I am not sure what the name is since it didn't have it at the little sample display but I'm guessing it is between Hey, Shawty! or Strike a pose.  They look absolutely the same on the website.
 Comes in a nice quality magnetic box.  For sure I will keep the lashes in here after cleaning them.  They say you can use these up to 25 times if you don't put any mascara on them and clean them every time you use them.

 Here is a coupon code for all of you velour lash lovers. VAN63, expires February 11, 2014 or November 3, 2014.  LOL I don't know which one it is.
 Didn't get much at the crown brush booth which I used to love.  Their prices sky rocketed.  Its quite scary :/.

 I picked up a small white bristle, synthetic kabuki brush for $4.  Quite soft, maybe the only brushes I will ever buy from any other company would be synthetic.  Dedicated to hakuhodo brushes now LOL.  Not saying I'm going on a limb to buy them but once you go "hakuhodo", you will never go back. 

 These are my most favorite crease brushes of all time. They are the synthetic blending crease brushes (Syntho series SS012).  Amazing.  $4.
 My biggest haul obviously was from Hakuhodo.  LOL can you tell?  My experience at their booth was amazing.  The service was very professionally and very Japanese   What I mean by "very Japanese", the way they are raised and to respect people by bowing and naming everyone by if they are older or younger (ex: san, sama, chan, kun).  Exactly what I thought the brand would be.  Quality.

But the biggest pet peeve I had with other people looking through the stand was that they would take the sample brushes and carry them around in a tray even though the sales ladies told them that they will bring them new ones and place them on the cashier tables.  1)  To make sure you don't jack them, 2) so other people can sample their brushes. A lot of people didn't get that and they still carried them around.
 Sadly they didn't come in those really pretty light pink boxes but instead their bright orange logo.
 Unless you live in tokyo, you are kind of out of luck with trying to buy these brushes or you can go to a make up show. All of the brushes are made in Japan.
 They didn't have these pretty brushes there or on their website :(.  What!
 I am kind of confused on how I am suppose to clean these.  They say to wipe on a towel, don't use brush cleanser since it has alcohol and you have to use these everyday or the brushes will deteriorate overtime because you don't use them.  Dafuq? I have never heard that before LOL and doesn't really make any sense to me.

 Semi close up on which brushes I got.

(left to right):
J series J212BkSL $34
Pro series 3/0 P $16
Basic series B533BkSL $18
KO31 (can't find series eyelash comb) $8
J series J004H $18
 (left to right):
Japanese Traditions Yachiyo L Tapered H2386 $48
J series J5529BkSL $16
Basic series B5507BKSL (maybe this one was labeled wrong since I can't find it on the website) $18
Japanese Traditions Tentsuke Botan $12
G series G5528BkSL $29
 (left to right; skip the first three):
G series G5522BkSL $28
J series H5523BkSL $18
 This was the brush I went to the show for.  This one is called the Yachiyo Large pointed, which is the exact same shape and name as the one NARS has which is $50.
The one thing that I was pretty bummed about at the show as that their display brushes had stickers for their logo.  I thought what the heck! It looks soo cheap.  But I was surprised to find out when I went home that they were etched onto the brushes with a holographic print.

Total amount at Hakuhodo; TOO MUCH MONEY!.......Are you ready for the shock? $263 for 11 brushes.  I'd say it is actually not that bad and not that far off from a set of sigma brushes which isn't the best quality either.

Well this would be my last time ever going to IMATS since my interest in make up has dropped quite significantly for the past two years. I'm onto....POKEMON.  LOL say what you want but you know you want to play some pokemon TCG with me :).

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