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YSL volutpe tint-in-oil review

 When I was browsing the Sephora website during the Christmas time to see what I want to buy with the $20 off $50, I was slightly stuck since I bought everything I possibility wanted in the VIB 20% off sale.  So when I saw YSL coming out with a new product called the Tint-in-oil, I had to try it out!  That and it was exclusively being sold to VIB/VIB rouge, so I kind of felt a bit special hehe.

The product concept doesn't really excite me since there are such products in the Korean and asian market, but at least this is something I can play with and touch physically in stores rather then playing the guessing game when I buy my Korean cosmetics online.

Let's cut this short and get started!
Full name of product: 
YSL Volupté Tint-In-Oil

$32.00 USD/ $35.00 CAD

Product description:
"A revolutionary lip color with a lip tint suspended in a deep conditioning oil. 

Coat your lips with this lip tint for a lightweight texture that instantly melts onto lips. It is infused with a blend of four essential oils for deep hydration: apricot kernel oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, and possiflora edulis seed oil. Its exclusive applicator envelops the lips in full color and allows for a precise and uniform application. Lightweight and non-sticky, this lip tint offers a new and luminous shine while the tint effect enhances the natural beauty of the lips—making it the perfect combination for youthful looking lips."

We will see if it really is so REVOLUTIONARY.  Better be with that price damn it!

Where to buy:
You can get these at Sephora (in stores or online), and at any department stores where they carry YSL.

Shades available:
8 shades are available 
(Undress me, i rose you, cherry my cherie,peach me love, pink about me, oh my gold 2, drive me copper, crush me orange)

Packaging/ Application:
I recently got into treating myself to the YSL rouge volupté lipsticks and the lip stains and I love them.  I do like the stains more then the lipsticks since it is a bit less maintenance, moisturizes, and has a more natural color on my pigmented lips.  I love the lipstick for the luxurious packaging, which is the selling point for that particular product.  The lipstick itself is smooth and pigmented as well, but when I pick up the rouge volupté and use it, I feel like a million bucks.  Just something about the slightly heavy, golden metal bullet cheers me up.

This product however, the packaging doesn't feel as luxurious as their lipsticks.  I was expecting the same heavy metal, but this is pretty much a plastic sprayed with silver.  It isn't as cheap as something from the drugstore trying to look high end, but it wasn't what I expected from YSL. I do like, however, appreciate the colored YSL logo imprinted band, which indicates what color is inside the tube. 
Another bone I have to pick with YSL is the labelling on the product packaging.  All the lip stains and lipsticks I have from them only have the number, but not the actual name.  Its a pain in the butt when I go and try to pick the one color I want but all I see are numbers.  WHAT GOOD IS NUMBERS.  GIVE ME THE DAMN NAME!!  It's so annoying I had to use Caps lock.  This stupid tint in oil is worst.  Can you see the number?  It is smaller then my booger. Oh lord....
I think the most unique think about this product isn't the product itself, but actually the applicator.  I have never used a product with such a uniquely shaped applicator. I thought the lip stain had a cool applicator, NOPE. This one is all types of twist and turn, with a hole in the middle too. The point is precise and the bend makes the diamond foot applicator flexible, molding to the shape of your lips when you apply it.  I love it!  I give a big thumbs up for the applicator.  Whoever designed this applicator, you are a genius!

The texture of the tint in oil is of course, an oil.  But It isn't a thin, disgusting oil what would slip and slide.  They did a good job on designing a balance within a not too slick oil, but not so thin that it would just drip off your lips. I personally don't like the feel of the oil on my lips since I don't feel like it is thick enough or moisturizing enough.  I'm used to using something like the Pure smile lip treatment or Bite beauty's agave lip mask that is long lasting and leaves my lips hydrated throughout the night.  This product on the other hand, does not leave my lips moisturized after it has disappeared.  You'd think it would since "oil" is in the name, but nope.  Doesn't really do much other then look pretty for about 1 hour until you'd have to reapply again.

Once i opened this puppy up when I got it for the first time, the first thing that hit me was the nice fragrance.  Now I know a lot of you guys out there do not like fragrance in cosmetics since it is unnecessary, but it doesn't bother me.  My smell-o-scale gives this product's fragrance level a 3.75/5 and it smells exactly like the Kerastase shampoo my hair dresser uses on me when I get my hair done.  It smells like freshly cut watermelon.  Yum!
Color/ Pigmentation:
The pigmentation of these lip color is really not that special.  I'm not sure if it is because I picked two colors that weren't the darkest shades they offered, but I picked the two shades 6 peach me love and 4 I rose you. As you can see from the swatch on the back of my hand, they are not as pigmented as a product like OCC lip tars, not as pigmented as the YSL lip stain either.  It is even lighter then their stains.  These remind me of watercolors.  It gives you just enough color for it to be noticeable and pretty, but not overdone.  I do like products that don't give me the overdone look :). But these are just too light for my liking!

Peach me love isn't really a peach color.  I was expecting the color to be slightly coral, but this shade came out more of a rose color.  Did they label it wrong LOL, with the tiny booger number.
On my naturally rosy lips, 6 peach me love doesn't really leave my any type of tint.
This shade on the back of my hand looked like it would be a pretty light, baby pink shade.  There is subtle golden shimmers, but hardly noticeably on the lips.  I rose you pretty much looks like the same color as the Peach me love, but just less of a dark pink rose color.  But still nothing really to write home about.
Wow it doesn't even look like anything went on my lips. Lame....

-product has pretty packaging, nice and sleek
-colors were pretty if you want that natural, non-overdone look
-revolutionary applicator

-expensive for what it is ($35 CAD for 0.2 oz... say what?)
-does not moisturize my lips after it disappears
-colors aren't that different on the lips, I could go for one or the other
-no tint left on my lips

Would I recommend this product?  No, I think you'd  be better off with something like the Sugar lip treatments ($20), Korres lip butters ($16), Dior lip glow ($35) if you want the non over done look.  For the price of $35 for 0.2 oz, the only thing you are paying for is the brand name.  Save your money.  I would even recommend trying their lip stains instead.  I love the jelly like finish that it gives, it lasts for at least 4 hours before you'd have to reapply and it actually does stain your lips.  I give this product 2.5/5 stars for overall performance, packaging, living up to its claim.

P.S.  This product was already returned to Sephora.  That's how much I don't like this product.

Hope you find this review helpful.  Leave me a comment on what you guys think about this new product!  Are you going to buy it or are you going to pass?

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