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Maybelline January 2015 haul, first impression, swatches

 After watching tons of Youtube videos on the newest products hitting the drugstore, I couldn't help myself but to buy a few things for myself. Out of all the drugstore brands, Maybelline has the biggest collection that is new and fresh.  These are the few things I bought.  I didn't get everything since I don't need everything, but I most excited for their lipstick collection!!  They are so pretty~

Click read more to see what I got, swatches and first impression.

 The first time that caught my eye is the Color molten by eyestudio.  I had absolutely no idea what these were, I thought they were just normal eye shadows.  I got home, open them and swatched then and they were like jelly gels! It was super weird.  I have had products like this such as the Elf cream eye shadows and Maybelline bounce blushes.

Here is what Maybelline has to say about this product:
"Eye studio color molten cream eye shadow from Maybelline New York.  This lustrous, dimensional cream shadow melts to a new molten luster."

The texture of these variety through the different shades.  This collection of cream shadows come in 8 shades, and I got 4 out of the 8. Some of the shades are more moist and jelly gel like, others are like buttery shadows.
The packaging is simple and straight forward, but I don't think clicky lids are ideal for cream products since it is not air tight enough and this will cause the product to dry out quickly.  I also feel the product is excessively thick.  Either the lid or the black part can be thinner, and the circumference of the plastic pan can be smaller as well.  These measure 5.3 in diameter and 1 cm in thickness.  Not liking the packaging at all.
 The first one I picked up was taupe craze. Left side has a cool milk chocolate shade (matte finish), right shade has a cool purple taupe shade with plum and sliver sheen (satin finish)  which is gorgeous in the pan but it does not swatch that way sadly.

The left side is a lot more moist and jelly like, while the right side is like a regular shadow that is moist, does not have any jelly element to it.
 The second one is nude rush, which I was looking forward to since it looked like a great combo with the peach and the warm brown shade.  Left side is a cool salmon peach shade with golden fine shimmers, right side is a warm milk chocolate brown with bronze shimmer.  Again the left side of this shade is a lot more jelly gel texture, while the right side is a lot stiffer.

Both shades swatch sheer. This is also a meh for me.
 The third shade is plum fusion, which I had the highest hopes for since it is a darker color with the gorgeous looking combo.  Left side is a blue tone sliver, right side is a dark eggplant purple shade.  Both have a satin finish and both sides are very jelly gel texture, unlike the first two.
 The last shade I got is rose haze.  Left side is a light baby pink shade with fine pink shimmers, right side is a plum purple with a purple sheen. Left side is again, more jelly gel texture then the right side.  This one is the only one I will be keeping since I surprisingly really like the baby pink shade.  It is a great highlighter!  I like how sheer it is and how I can just sweep it over my lids, put some in the corner of my eyes and tear duct area and call it a day.

All of the colors are a gel cream texture in the pan and when you blend it on your skin, it sets and does not leave a tacky texture.  Sadly they all swatch very sheer and not true to color to the pan so I really do not recommend these.  And using these with a brush does not help either.  They are hard to blend, hard to work with.  I'd pass on these and save your money.
 This product I was super excited for since Tati on youtube (aka. Glamlifeguru whom I respect a lot since she doesn't give into all the Youtube beauty guru politics and try and sell you things) raved about this when she did her haul.  She said this isn't one of those silicone based primers, and it actually  moisturizes your skin!  I need all the moisture I can get for sure.  There was three versions of this: Blur and smooth (which is the normal one, clear), blur and illuminate (which is this one), and blur and redness (which is a green base one).

I got this one since I like that Korean dewy look, and I need all the dewy and moisturized skin I can get.  My skin is crazyyyy dry during the winter time. I haven't tried this on my face yet, but it seems really moisturizing like Tati said, and I like the slight glow the faint pink sheen gives my face :).
 This comes in a twist top tub, nothing special.  If you look closely at the tip, this has that pinky purple fairy looking sheen that gives your face that glow.  It is hardly noticeable once blended out!  I like it :).
 Sadly you can't really see the swatch blended out, but if you look closely you kind of can.  I predict being quite popular in Asian countries as they love that dewy, watery make up look.  So do I ;P. I give this product a thumbs up!
 Here are the lipsticks I picked up. I was hunting for the Rebel bloom collection after I saw many beauty blogs and youtubers swatching them. The whole collection has gorgeous shades, but us Canadians always get the latest collections a month later then Americans.  So I was super surprised to see these all mixed up in Target when I went to the shopping mall to stroll. I was like, Ohhh are those the rebel bloom?  I recognized the lilac lids!  And sure enough they were :).  I only picked these three colors since there wasn't much choices since there was this annoying girl that wouldn't leave, just standing there with her big cart, opening all the Maybelline lipsticks and swatching them and putting them back.  I just stood there right behind her being super annoyed.  Honestly I should have said something....
 I was going to swatch these on the lips but the formula is no that great for these.  They catch onto every single crack on your lips and every dry patch.  Its so annoying!  I love the colors, but the formula needs to be a lot more forgiving.  The only wearable shade out of the three I picked would have to be blushing bud.  The other two I got just because they were fun colors but I could wear them as a sheer color, dabbing them over the lips and putting a gloss over them.

Overall I would pass on these, unless you have the most supple, baby lips.  Even with a balm underneath, these shades are not forgiving for those with dry lips (which is me).
 I was also on the look out for these matte lipsticks.  A lot of people like these and said they were comfortable on the lips even though they are matte and I have to agree!  I'm absolutely taken by the formula, the shade selection for this line.  If you see these, you must get them!  
The red shade, 690 siren in scarlet, looks gorgeous, matte and comfortable and they don't make my teeth look yellow which I hate!  The orange shade would be a shade a lot of Korean cosmetic enthusiasts would want since it is that perfect bright orange shade without looking like you used a orange highlighter and draw over your lips.  Lust for blush is my long lost soul mate!  Ever since I tried Elf's matte lip color in tea rose and falling in love with the color, I could not find a color similar to that shade.  This one is the perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect tone, slightly purple but still has that slight pink undertone to make it wearable.  GORGEOUS. 

 I recommend the matte line :).  Thumbs up!!!  Pick them up if you see any of them.

Overall, the only products I would recommend out of all the things I bought and have played with, the matte lipsticks for sure since they are a great comfortable formula that is not lacking in the moisture department, and the primer for those that like to prime their face (which should be everyone) to prep for the flawless finish.  Everything else I can pass on, especially the color molten eye shadows which are pretty much s**t.  I regret getting them, and Canadian drugstore return policy is not like American's, where they can return opened products.  We don't have that luxury :(.

Have you guys tried out these products?  Out of everything, what has caught your interest?  Tell me in the comments down below!

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