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Unboxing: Memebox special #70 cleanse and tone

 I am finally back with another unboxing.  I have been lacking in the unboxing department lately since the throbbing in my head got pretty bad making my head hurt all the time.  That and I am working a ton so when I come home, I'm crazy tired and just want to sleep.  So I apologize for the latest, but better late then never right ;D.

I have come to you with the cleanse and tone box.  I remember a lot of people were wishing for a box full of just toners, so when they came out with this box, I was like YES PLEASE and bought it right away.  I had super high hopes for this box since the first skincare box was amazing, the second edition one was great too.  When I saw the spoilers for this one, I was slightly underwhelmed but let's just see what products we got in this box!
 Also when I was taking pictures with my camera, I didn't notice that my white balance was off, so the pictures are leaning towards a blue tone.  I'm not happy about it but I don't have the time to take the pictures again. I promise that it will be fixed in the future ;).

Coupons are included at the end of the post along with my full list of unboxings I have tone in the past which you can use as reference!
 The usual info care.  Looks like we have 6 products in this box.

"While impeccable Korea skin has been receiving lots of attention world-wide, it's the notion that multi-step cleansing, toning, and prepping the skin prior to make up application to achieve flawless skin that captured the hearts of many beauty junkies.  With this box, you'll see the mythical Korean cleansing routine is not actually a fable,and that the mysterious application techniques aren't so mysterious after all.  All products are gentle to use, even for the most sensitive skin types, to dissolve away even the most stubborn make up!"

This looks like a solid box.  My eyes go straight to the banila co clean it zero since they are famous for that product and their CC cream.  Ohhhh I can't wait to try it :D.
The first product is Banila Co clean it zero original and resveratrol retailing for $22 for the original and $26 for the resveratrol. These are sample sizes and I can't find the amount that is actually in these jars so I can't calculate to cost.  Smell-o-scale=4/10 for both of them.  The original smells like a light, floral, soapy scent and the resveratrol one smells like very light sweet pea, aloe scent (i know that isn't what is in it but it smells like it).  I like the smell :D, it smells very nice.

Ever since getting into Korean skincare, I have heard everyone raving about the banila co clean it zero.  Everybody that has used it raved about it, but I never got around getting it since banila co is on the slightly higher end side and I didn't want to just spend $30 on something I might not like.  So I'm very glad to get this in the box.  This pretty much made the box, but if it was a full size, that would have made this box in my top five most favorite memebox.

Product description:
This make up remover goes on as a sherbet-like balm and transforms into a silky oil that effortlessly dissolves make up and sunscreen. Its non-greasy, gentle formula made from papaya, acerola,and herbal extracts cleanses thoroughly without dehydrating the skin.

How to use:
Take out the formula and gently massage into skin.  Rinse off with water or wipe away with a tissue.
Sorry, the camera washes the balm out so you can't really see it, but it is just a balm in the jar.  The original is white and the resveratrol one is slightly tinted green.
The second product is Enesti Yuzu fomaing cleanser retailing for $14 and contains 120 mL.  This is a full sized product, measuring at 4 cm x 17 cm.  I'm not going to open this just yet since I'm still trying to finish the rice one, but I'm guessing it has a citrus scent since it is yuzu.

I was quite surprised to see that we got another version of the Enesti foam cleanser since we did get the rice and milk version in the milk box (which I loved by the way).  I wasn't bothered that we got a repeat since I did like the first one, but I am wondering what this one does :D. I can't wait to finish the first one so I can move on hehehehe.

Product description:
A foam cleanser made from mineral-rich hot spring water and packed with citron extracts and citron see oil, this product throughly cleanses deep into your pores yet delivers rich moisture, leaving skin glowing with a natural translucency. 

How to use:
Use a cleansing oil to remove make up first.  Then, lather the foaming cleanser to create enough foam and gently massage it over your face.
The third product is A;T FOX tea tox water clear tablet retailing for $2 and contains 4 g.  THis is a full sized product.

I have seen this product in another box, I think it was the tea cosmetics box.  I'm not super trilled about getting this product since I don't find it that convenient to bring a big bowl into the washroom and dip my face in it.  And i'd have to do it consistently to get the results I want. I do want to try the natural carbonated mineral water method since it would help with my annoying black heads.  But I will give this tablet and try and see if it does anything, but I do doubt it.

Product description:
A tea bag for your cleansing routine!  When the tablet melts in warm water, the pH level becomes 4-9, the optimal level for the skin, to give you the gentlest deep-down cleansing experience.  The green tea infused tablet will detox and deep clean the skin while also soothing irritated skin.

How to use:
Remove make up and impurities first. Drop the tablet into a bowl of water and wait until full dissolved.  Gently pat your skin with the water. Do not rinse afterwards.

The tea bag looks all fancy, with its triangle mesh and it's cute graphic design fox.  Curses!!! THE CUTENSS IS GETTING TO ME!
The fourth product is Neogen Code9 glucose skin retailing for $26 and contains 250 mL.  This is a full sized product, measuring at 6.5 cm x 14 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 7/10 and it smells very strongly of floral and soapy fragrance.  Not sure if I like it or not.

The only time that I do use a spray for my face is when I finish doing my make up and want to hydrate my face so I don't look like I slathered cake batter on my face and left it there.  I do not appreciate a cake face, and I am consistently trying out new products to get that perfect finish.  It is all in the name of science :D.

Product description:
A lightweight toner for instantly hydrating and rejuvenating the skin in the very first step of skin care.  Naturally fermented glucose complex deeply soothes, replenishes, and firms up dry, aging skin for a more youthful complexion.

How to use:
Wet a cotton pad with the toner and gently pat it all over clean face and neck.
Fifth product of this box is Mizon cotton shower sheet essence retailing for $7 and contains 55 mL.  This was randomly selected from For dry skin or From oily skin.  I got the dry skin version and am very happy about that since I have dry skin ;).  Look how that worked out keke.

I haven't ever tried essence pads but I think it would actually a good product for me, espically before I do my full face of make up.  I'd want hydration but don't have the time or patience to do a full mask session, so this would be perfect for spot treatment.  I'm going to have to test this out for sure, I will let you know later on if it works out or not.

Product description:
Cotton shower sheet essence is a small pack like sheet soaked in rich nutrients- spa water, shea butter, and witch hazel- and it can be used as a first step toning sheet or placed over dry patches as a smaller version of moisturizing sheet masks.  The one for dry skin types contains soothing, moisturizing, and nourishing agents while the one for oily skin types offers sebum control and anti-wrinkle effects as well.

How to use:
Wipe over the cleansed face as a toning sheet or place it over dry, sensitive areas of your face until the essence is well absorbed.
The last product is Charmzone ginkgo natural cleansing tissue retailing for $15 and contains 70 sheets (full size).  This is not a full sized product and only has 10 sheets, so that comes up to $2.14 for this sample sized pack.

I know I should really be using cleansing tissues to wipe away my make up first when I get rid of make up but I trust me Michael Todd honey and oat cleanser and my Clarisonic, that I don't really need a make up wipe.  But I do use make up wipes when I do swatches for blog posts so this will come in handy for that.  

Product description:
Easy to carry around, disposable cleansing tissues with nutrients from one of nature's oldest plat- ginkgo tree.  Its nature-friendly formula gentle to all skin types sand it effectively wipes away all traces of make up residues and skin impurities.

How to use:
Take 1 sheet and remove lip and eye make up first.  Then gently wipe it all over the face.
*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*

1) Banila Co. clean it zero original and resveratrol ??
2) Enesti Yuzu foaming cleanser $14 ($4 USD/ 4,000 Won)
3) A;T Fox tea tox water clear tablet $2 ($1.50 USD/ 1,500 Won)
4) Neogen Code9 glucose skin $26 ($22 USD/ 22,000 Won)
5) Mizon cotton shower sheet essence $7 ($6 USD/ 6,000 Won)
6) Charmzone ginkgo natural cleansing tissue $15 ??
Total: $64 on info. card
Total: $48.50 Korean retail prices

Overall I'd say this is a so so box.  I like that we did get the Banila Co. clean it zero but I somehow snatched up the banila co superbox at the recent restocks which has the full size and a sample size of the same product so I'm slightly over it.  I am happy I got another version of the Enesti foaming cleanser since I did like the milk and rice one.  It cleanse my face, doesn't leave my skin dry at all and it smells quite nice I must say.  All the other products are kind of meh for me but it isn't the worst box.  I was expecting just cleansers and toners so it was a slight let down to get a one time use tablet has a "full sized" product.  You know how I feel about one time use products by now.  Poop.  Anyways, I'd give this box a 3/5 stars and wouldn't really recommend it unless there is a product here that you are die hard about.
Until next time, cheers~

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