Thursday, October 4, 2012

ELF instagram sneak peeks!

Okay Elf is really driving me crazy! I just ordered two days ago another order since I really want their new brushes and the next day, they release their new studio contouring blush and bronzing cream! It looks exactly like the really popular studio blush and contouring powder so i really wanted to try this! UGH... But since elf had their new instagram, they always add sneak peek pictures which I really like but it teases me too much! I WANT THEM!!!
The new studio blush and contouring cream which is now on their website for only $3. What a steal, i love elf :).

They also just came out with their studio daily moisturizing stick.  I have no idea how this would work but I'm interested to try this, but i'll wait until their black friday sale since this one is $6.

The next product is something I'm like a tiger ready to click away! JUMBO EYESHADOW PENCILS! They remind me of the NYX jumbo eyeshadow sticks but these are only $2 each and the colors look great! I hate that elf doesn't give an exact date when they come out :(.  Guess i will be checking their site everyday.
I want the first color, the second, third....screw it, I WANT IT ALL! GIMMEEEE~

So if you guys haven't checked out their facebook (!/elfcosmetics?fref=ts) or their instagram ( to see their latest and sneak peeks :).  Enjoy!

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