Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sears closing down sale haul

 Last week was the last week that Sears in downtown Vancouver at Pacific Center was opened for business so they were having a hugeeeeeee closing down sale. Everything was 70% off. I got three items that i really liked for dirt cheap and it is really good quality too. Its even better then Winners, price wise that is :). The selection was terrible but i had to make do. It was really hard to find my size since I'm a small girl, but i somehow scored some pieces that were actually size small! I was prepared to settle for medium but i guess i didn't have to.
 I found this really nice top from a brand called Nevada.  They make really nice basics for and for a very afforable prices and I believe this brand also makes my brown booties that i got for only $30 and it has gone through several camping trips, giant water puddles and a few winter seasons. :)  This is a good reliable brand and i loved the fact that this top was only $3 (Original price $39.99) and some change.  So dirt cheap and the material is really good.
 I love the mint green of the top and the matte marble buttons, something really different and casual.
 Right when I was at the checkout line waiting to pay for the stuff i got, my eye caught this sweater! Strips is an addiction for me.  I love strips...I don't know why but I just love it! I didn't really notice that this navy stripped sweater had strips going on the front, different sized strips on the arm and the back is a solid navy color.  This is a thin and soft sweater but i love it for that it isn't thick like other winter sweaters.  This is perfect for the fall and spring season.  This sweater is on the pricey side compared to the other ones.  Maybe because it is from a brand called Manc and jac, but it was $10 after the discount (origianly price $59.00). 
 I found this really cute thick navy winter sweater with a sideways collar detailing in a size small. I really liked the collar, which is basically the selling point.  The knit is quite heavy but for Vancouver weather in the winter, I'm going to need it. 
 I thought it was missing a button when I was in the store and when I got home, but i found that there was an extra button so i I didn't mind sewing it on myself the missing button.  But when i went home, i figured it out! There is a button on the other lip of the color so you can basically use it as a turtle neck while somewhat keeping the collar's style.  This sweater I paid only $6.89 (original price was $59.00, discount was $22.99 before the 70% off).  Oh did i mention this sweater is Liz Calborne? Not bad not bad :).

What was your favorite piece?  Mine is the stripped sweater HAHA, obviously.

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