Thursday, October 18, 2012

Small ELF haul of the newest products fall 2012

 Elf has been on a roll lately! Since fall is already here, they have been coming out with awesome products like the jumbo eye shadow pencils, jumbo lip pencils and an upcoming gel eye shadow which I find really interesting.  If you haven't noticed by now, I am a really big ELF cosmetics fan! It just feeds my makeup cravings and I'm completely satisfied.  I love elf for that they are super cheap and the quality for what you pay is amazing. My love :)
 ELF came out with a new line of lashes called the Studio Lash collection.  They have four different styles to choose from: Everyday, natural, dramatic and flirty (Which i got). Each of these collections are $4 which isn't that bad for two pairs of lashes and a pair of decent travel friendly tweezers.


Each of the collections comes with two sets of lashes (one pair full band and one pair of half band), a mini set of tweezer and some lash glue.  I already knew myself that the glue would suck and i was right.  My glue was completely leaked in the package and ws stuck! It was annoying, and by the time i got it out of the package and smelled it, UGH.  It smelled exactly like super glue and the sticking power was like super glue O_O.  Are they sure they didn't give me super glue?  That is not going ANYWHERE near my eyes!
 Everytime i order, i'd always get the same lip gloss but i don't mind since its free and the color irs neutral :). All you have to do is to refer three of your friends and you will get a free gift.  This year its a hypershine lip gloss in the shade Flirt. :/ I have about seven of these now LOL.

I was also going through a few things I was interested to try but were kind of old and i never really got around buying it since i wasn't THAT interested in it, but i just bit the bullet :). Review will come but i don't know which ones to review first! So much stuff! I can't wait to try the mascara primer, lip balm in peach and the lock & seal.  AHH~ Everything is $3 except the lip gloss which was a free gift.
 These three are the latesty and the newest brushes they added to their collection.  The first two from the left actually is the newest but i wanted another small stipple brush because its amazing! It has the duo fiber so you can get that airbrush effect but because this one has short white bristles, you get full control of where you want to place your product.  First first one from the left is a pointed foundation brush which is basically like using your finger but in a brush form. The middle one called the small tapered brush which i was hoping that it was more of an egg shape brush like what it looks like on the website but it is more of a smaller version of the complexion brush which is nice for highlighting, contouring and applying blush. Can't wait to use these brushes! :D. $3 each

 ELF also updated their complexion powder collection and added two new shades: warm and shimmer.  I got the warm but at that time, they didn't come out with the shimmer one. I don't know about this one since the shimmers are actually quite big. I'm going to have to see about this one.  $3 each
I have never used an actually make up remover so i thought i might try this one out.  I know that this has been in their line for a while and a lot of people love this stuff. I normally use baby wipes from Huggies and I find it works pretty good but I also use my Clarisonic pro with it too so I don't find that i really need a make up remover but this will be nice for on the go when i can't really wash my face when i'm out.  This is $3 for 20 sheets.  I hope it works.

If you guys want any reviews, remember to comment and it will be on my priority list :).


  1. great haul! i love elf!!!
    Follow me? :)
    -Jen <3

  2. Love your e.l.f. hauls and reviews! I just ordered from them for the first time yesterday, and I have flipped through your blog to see what to get or not to get. Thanks for the help! :-)



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