Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cougar boots haul

Since the weather was changing drastically in Vancouver, I thought it would have been a good idea to get a rain boot for the upcoming horrors. And since Winners was having a boot fest, where they had tons and tons and tons of boots to choose from, I thought I would find myself the perfect pair.  Right when I got to the aisle with all the boots, my eye just shot to a pair that had the green and white lettering logo called Cougar.  I remembered when Juciytuesday on YouTube was doing a “What would you do for a pair of boots” video that spotlighted on these boots.  Cougar boots is a Canadian brand where they keep Canadian weather in mind so I thought this brand would be perfect!
The first pair I got was a pair called “Storm by Cougar”. It has the shape of a standard rain boot but it has a waterproof fabric for flexibility and then some leather on the top of the boot.  What really attracted me to these pair of boots was that it was fleece lined.  Sooo comfy and warm, it’s amazing.  It also had slight pillow happiness for my feet.  They are also guaranteed to keep you warm under -11°F (-24°C).  And they were only $50 which I happily paid for but my mom kept saying that it was ugly and the fabric part made my legs look chunky.  I thought these were finding but I really did like the other cougar boots that they had to offer, especially the pillow boots. And also the fact that these storm boots were made in China was kind of a deal breaker for me since it’s supposed to be a “Canadian brand.” I was hoping that I was actually supporting a Canadian brand.
 Before I went to school about two weeks ago,  I went and strolled around at the Downtown winners in Vancouver not really keeping in mind for the Cougar boots so it was a complete surprised when I saw the zip up pillow Cougar boots.  I didn’t really love them but I knew that I needed a really warm boot for the upcoming winter.  The boot itself is a yellowish tan color which really screamed retro to me.  It comes with a metal zipper with stud detailing all around the zipper and the interior is bright red which peeks out a little on the top when you wear it.  The inside is what the name is called, “Pillow boots; zip zip and away.” The inside,  just like the other one, is super comfy and warm and these boots are supposed to withstand the cold even under  -11°F (-24°C).  The price point for these are a bit hefty since these are made in Italy and the whole exterior of the boot Is genuine leather; $159.99 (compared to $256). I was a little hesitant about these boots but I thought to myself; I’d have these for a long time, leather boots, super warm, non-slip bottoms even walking on black ice…fine I’ll get these.  I was really excited about these boots and I wore them to school the next day.  But once I started walking in these, I noticed that the zipper near my ankles would fold in and the whole boot is kind of slanted.  It really pissed me off because it was annoying to walk in them with the fold touching my ankles like that.  And also the fact that I accidently hit the cement stairs when I was walking up back to the skytrain and a little bit of the leather already chipped off, that was a totally deal breaker for me.  I really wanted to love these boots but it was hard to for the price….It wasn’t worth it.  I returned both of those boots in the end and I’m still on the hunt for the perfect boots.  I’m still happy with my Nevada brown boots I got four years ago at Sears for only $30 but I wanted to add another pair of boots for the harsh winter season.  Guess I’m still going to have to look for one.
Has anyone tried cougar boots? These were super popular back in the 80’s.  If they are really that good, I’ll consider getting the original lace up pillow boots for fill price but what do you guys think?

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