Friday, November 16, 2012

Small winners haul

Pretty sure you know that I'm obsessed with Winners by now but I'm trying to conserve my money for BOXING DAY SALE! WHOOO I can't wait! Anyways, so lately I've been just avoiding going out the house all together XD.  So for the past four days, I literally didn't step outside the house.  The only time I actually went out was to get the letter at the mail box.  I'm going to turn into a vampire! Well not that I'm not already pale HAHA, but I might start to sparkle :O.
I think I did pretty good, got three small things in the past four weeks.  That is actually a huge improvement! Before I would go almost everyday since they restock their store everyday so it's always a surprise to see what they have.  Well I only go out on the weekends with my boyfriend and all of these trips were with him so he can control me.  Sometimes I can't control my wants so i tell my boyfriend "STOP ME NOW!" He's like my red button! ALERT ALERT!  HAHA okay enough rambling...
 I found this gorrrrgeous lace dress which caught my eyes when it was peeking out of the rack of dresses.  What caught my eye was the lace and the material.  Usually a lot of lace dresses have really crappy materials where if it was hooked onto something, it would rip right away.  This one is so high quality and has a good weight to it, it surprised me that it was only $40.  Not bad not bad.  My camera doesn't do it justice but there is actually a sliver foil finish on the lace! So pretty in person.  The inside has this semi lingerie looking top.
 The one problem I have with the dress is just the tie, it makes the whole dress look super cheap.  I was thinking of doing this kind of necklace backdrop to make the dress a little more glamourous and expensive looking.  Was thinking of using some Swarvoski crystals and everything, SPARKLE :D.  Yes I am like a crow, shiny things!  Hopefully I can find all the materials I need to make it happen :).  The back of the dress is a low "U" with an invisible zipper going down the dress so I can actually get in. I will do a outfit of the day for you once I can find the perfect accessories for this dress so watch out for that!
Has anyone heard of this brand? Its called Lipsy London, I'm assuming this is an European brand, from Britian maybe LOL. I checked up the retail price on this and its $115 CAD which I only paid $40 + tax for this so I think this was a complete steal. I was trying to talk myself out of buying this but I just couldn't let it go since it was the only one!
 Winter is already here for us in Vancouver and it has been sooooooo cold! My car feels like a freezer! Omg.  I just couldn't stand it anymore and went back to Winners to get the Ralph Lauren leather gloves I was lusting for for a while but didn't want to get them since they were $30 (compared to $80).  Thats not a bad price for Ralph Lauren but I couldn't really justify for just gloves :/ but it got way too cold and my hands were freezing! 
These are 100% leather and has a really cute bow detailing on the bottom.  I'm usually not a bow girl but these were small bows which had that hint of femine touch but not too much to the point where I would want to puke! The bow tie came in four colors, dark cofffee brown, light sand brown, cream and red.  There was only the red ones in my size and these fit really nicely, not too tight and I could actually move my whole hand without any struggle :D so i just settled for these.  There is also the Ralph Lauren stamp on the bottom of the stamp.  I have an absoulte soft spot for Ralph Lauren since the brand is really simple, semi high class, and i can see myself wearing it until I get old so i don't mind shelling out a little bit more money for them :).
I was in Metrotown waiting to watch Wrack it Ralph with my boyfriend so we had some time to kill so naturally I strolled into Winners.  Nothing peeked my interest until I went to the little skincare section and saw these little boxes.  The design on them were so cute and retro! I absoultely love it! The brand is called Tokyomilk which...well I never heard of or saw them anywhere before.  They were little pots of solid perfume and each of them had a different number.  The one I picked up was #61 Sugar Plum.  I really wanted to get the cupcake one since it smelled so yummy.  This actually surprised me since I don't really like things that smell like food, I'd rather make the food and eat it so if i had a perfume that smelled like food.....I might actually bite myself out of confusion :/.
Each little box came with small card.  They were cute but I didn't really find any  use for them.  The men swimming and the chinese looking ladies were another scent.  The swimming men smelled sooo bad....I don't understand why anyone would want to smell like that.  It smelled like a dirty washroom, UGH! The chinese ladie one smelled like a grandma that didn't shower for ceuntries and smelled in flowers...Not good flower, really strong and stinky flower. LORD!
The side of the box.  I wonder what one note is...
 The lid is pretty cool :D.
The solid perfume itself smells divine! It just striaght up smells like sweet plums! Ughhh So yummy.  The sad thing is that the smell doesn't last and isn't strong enough to be an actual perfume so this kind of sucks :(.  Even when i rub a lot on my wrist, still can't smell it but I am happy I have this because the smell just makes me happy :). So when there is a stinky person in an elevator or someone farted, just whip this out and bam! Oh yea!

Hope you enjoyed my little Winners haul.  I absolutely love my white lace dress and didn't really mind adding another lace dress to my collection since my other lace-ish dress is black and skin tight.  What was your favorite item in my haul?

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  1. love the lace dress. would like to see how it looks when worn.



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