Friday, November 30, 2012

Missed out on Hello Kitty forever 21 collection

Two days ago, pursebuzz on YouTube was showcasing her hello kitty haul from Forever 21At first I wasn't really interested to see the haul since it was Hello kitty, but I had nothing else to watch since I watch YouTube like its television so I just clicked it to keep myself occupied while blogging and what not on my computer. Little did I know that the collection wasn't only hello kitty, but there was other Sanrio characters :(.  If I knew this a long time ago, I would have been there once the collection came out!  
 This was a pretty big collection, not only apparel but there was also home goods too! There were a lot of sweaters, leggings, office friendly tops, PJ's, socks, toques, flip flops, luggage tags, scarfs and lots lots more that I didn't have a chance to pick through :/. I'm still sad but the metrotown forever 21 has given me hope since the one in Richmond center had nothing.  It was like wow...are you kidding me.
I was happy they had at least a little corner of stuff to choose from since this collection came out November 16.  I'm kicking myself real hard since I was in the mall that day and I saw the hello kitty stuff in the windows but didn't go inside since it was hello kitty and was never very fond of her.  I find that she's too sickeningly cute and girly, its almost offensive LOL.  So I didn't have much luck with the stuff left over since most of it was hello kitty. The teal top is $19.80 (Around $21.80 CAD, I might be mistaken).
 The only reason I actually went to the mall today was to find this sweater but apparently everyone loves this guy more the hello kitty and was sold out on the first day.  WHY! I want me some badtz maru because I am a rebel like that :(.  There is also another sweater, I'm at the point where I will settle for any one them LOL.

Please god, just let me be lucky and throw me one of these sweaters because I don't want to have to buy it online and I don't even think they have these on the Canadian website.  I will settle for any size, I don't care! :'( Each of these sweaters are $22.80 ($24 ish CAD), reasonable price I think :).
They had these comfy looking pajama pants too :D.  Does anyone know this character? Maybe this character is really new to the Sanrio family but I have never seen this character before.  Its called "Hangydong" The pj pants were $10.80.
The last few tihngs that were still stocked up.  There were the really cute hello kitty with sunglasses, a neon green yellow sweater for $22.80, The funky black and white patterned hello kitty leggings for $17.80, backpack for $19.80, flip flops for 4.80 and sneakers for an unknown price since its not on the website anymore.
 All the tops on the bottom were either $23.80 or $19.80 if they were the t-shirts.  I really liked those high waisted chococat pants but they were out of my size.  Medium just doesn't cut it for my tiny asian body!  There was also another cream and pink hello kitty sweater for $22.80.
Those are cute canvas shoes for those that are die hard hello kitty fans!
This top surprisingly I haven't seen any bloggers or YouTubers show.  It is a T-shirt type top with a hot pink "U" cut out on the top of the neck and a hot pink strap.  In the front is hello kitty with bug eyed sunglasses with her little friend that I don't know the name of.  Didn't check the price, sorry :(.  But I'm guessing its around $17.80 or $19.80.
I tried on this chococat light brown top on and I was already dissapointed with the feel of the material. It was a really akward and stiff material that just doesn't sit well with the body, especially with this design. It has chococat going all different direction and has a thin black chiffon bow tie which I love love love but still don't have a top like that in my closet.  I really wanted to love this top, but it was disappointing. It didn't sit nicely on my body and it was super boxy.  This type of top should be a little more form fitting. 
I mean I could have altered it myself but the arm hole was too big to even change it to a more slim cut so I just didn't buy it. 
The second top on the other hand was awesome.  The material of the fabric was perfect.  Nice and flowy, a satin material and it has the peter pan collar which was a top that was much needed in my sad closet.  It has a pinky coral color and I could see myself wearing this top all year long. The top just screams cuteeee!
 Here's a better picture with my nicer camera LOL.  The other pictures I took with my iPhone so I hope you don't mind.  I just feel a little weird to whip out a camera to take pictures in a actual store, i don't want to get in trouble.
 The peter pan collar is also made of the same satin feeling material which I love :).   
The back has a  U closure with a button to hold it all together. 
Every item in the hello kitty forever collection has this neon yellow tag with the sanrio character tag that says "To and From" if you want to give it away as a gift.  I'm happy with this top since it was $26 after tax but hopefully I can find something else in downtown on December 7 when I have to head there to write my culinary test :). 

Overall, the collection was very well thought out but I wish the material they used was a little bit better, especially for the tops. There was a lot to choose from, well for those that knew about this collection and went on the day of or choose to the day of but the designs was surprisingly grown up and not too kiddy. There was a little bit for everyone and it just reminds everyone that there is still a little bit of youth in all of us whether you are 20 years old or 50 years old, you can still rock your childhood characters and cartoons.

What were your most favorite characters from your childhood? Mine would be most definitely pokemon! I would run my butt to the store if there was a pokemon clothing collection like it was a black friday sale in the states, everyone get out of my way! LOL.

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