Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ELF fall haul featuring Jumbo eyeshadow sticks, blush and contouring cream and mineral pressed eyeshadow

I know I know…I have been going crazy with the elf hauls. They are like back to back, but this is the last one I swear. Okay maybe I might get a few things on cyber Monday but I swear! LOL I even banned myself from going to Winners since I’m basically get prepared to go on a shopping spree on Boxing Day! First store I’m going to hit is Nine west for more heels! I’m eyeing this really cool black heel with a wedge, but its not exactly a full on wedge and it has really beautiful, somewhat indian-estque gold sun embellishments on the wedge but it is $345. Geez :/ That’s a lot of money. Anyways back to the elf haul!
Since they had a 50% off all eye product coupon code and I really wanted their new jumbo eye shadow sticks, I thought this would the perfect opportunity to go ahead and order. When I found out that elf was coming out with jumbo eye shadow sticks, I freaked out! And since it was just a sneak peek on instagram, I just couldn’t wait! Sad thing is that they are $2, not $1 but still good! They came out with nine colors but a lot of them are frosty. Only about two are matte. The biggest disappointment was the two lightest shades since I was hoping it would be a matte skin color like the soft ochre from MAC. Nope, it’s a shimmery mess and it doesn’t even show up on the skin. What a bummer. My first impressions of them are that they are really creamy, really pigmented (well at least the darker shades), and easy to blend. I was somewhat hesitate about getting these since I did not like their past cream eye shadows. They were greasy and just plain gross. I still have to experiment with them but overall I like these :). Oh yea, these don’t need sharpening! Stupid NYX jumbo eye shadow sharpening cough cough*. They twist up, how convenient.
Another really new product was their contouring blush and bronzing cream! Now everyone already know and love their powder form but they have it in cream version now! I don’t know why but I kept thinking that these would be just like their cream blushes, which has the same texture as the Maybelline bouncy blushes. So when I opened the compact, I was surprised it wasn’t that formula! It’s just the typical cream texture, easy to blend and pigmented! I think you guys would like it. This goes for $3 from their studio line.
Some other random eye products I picked up was their essentials custom eye eye shadows for $1. I really do love these eye shadows but the one complain I have with these is that it isn’t pressed tight enough cause them to be somewhat powdery fall out city! This I can easily fix with pressing it myself so I didn’t really mind. They came out with a lot of new colors so I picked up three of the ones that interested me the most, Wheat (light brown wheat color with golden brown shimmers), Taupe (taupe gold with a hint of warm green; shimmery finish) and a bright teal. I might pick up the rest when it comes around to cyber Monday but I am pleased with these.
I also go some backups of my favorite eyelid primers from their essential line for $1, sheer and champagne. I love love love the color champagne since it is the least shimmery out of the three colored ones and the color is really natural. They came out with primer eye shadows a long time ago but I never got around trying it. Their cream eyeliners (in black and coffee) are a must for my since it’s so cheap but it works well and it doesn’t budge at all! Not bad for only $1.50. Not really liking the fact it is really frosty but we’ll see. Just like the usual, I got the free gift which is their hypershine lipgloss in Flirt.
The last two items I got were their newest pressed mineral eye shadows from their mineral line for $3 each. I didn’t want to go crazy with these since a lot of the colors were really similar and the swatches I saw online didn’t really excite me. I only got two shades which would be lunch break (light cool wheat brown color; satin frosty finish) and What’s your name (cool purple shade; satin finish). Not really excited about these colors but they would be a color I’d be comfortable using day to day.

Which products are you most excited about? Which ones do you want to see reviews on? :)

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