Friday, November 30, 2012

Belated black friday Old Navy haul

Unlike most Canadians that live near the border or you flew to the States just to take part of their annual Black Friday crazy sales, I was sitting at home because I didn't want to get trampled from crazy crowds at Wal mart.  I mean have you seen the videos? Geez humans can be vicious for deals O_O.  I mean come on guys, first world problems.  People die from getting stampede and in third world countries, they die of starvation.  :/ Anyways my nice and quiet just happened at good old Old navy.  They had an awesome deal where the first 40-50 people would get a free copy of the new Wii Super Mario for the Wii U.  I thought I had already missed my chance when I went to go shop their awesome deals Friday afternoon but apparently they were giving them out on Saturday at 7 pm.  Too bad I had to work at 6:30 or else I would have went.  Also everyone that buys anything would get a chance to win one of the 1,000 Wii U consoles they were giving out.

 I didn't go crazy on buying a ton of stuff and i just sticked to buying stuff i actually needed.  Okay I have to admit that I don't really need more t-shirts but they were $5! Can you really blame me? And the the print was really good quality and it was just overall cute!
 The door buster deals on Friday was their fleece PJ pants going for $8 each pair.  They are so soft and fluffy, it makes me warm and happy in the really cold Canadian days.  I only had one pair of fleece pants so these were a must for me.  There were a lot of patterns to choose from but I choose for myself the light purple polar bear print and a light ultramarine color with cute owls on it.  All of the pajama pants had a ribbon to tie it around your waist so even if you do buy a size larger, the pants won't be down to your ankles when you wear them.
 The original price of these were $14.94 which I would have most definitely not pay for just pants.  Old navy always has deals going on and they change their prices almost everyday so always check back on their prices and get your price differences!
  I also picked up these college-estiqe t-shirts. I find these super cute and super easy for me to wear from a day to day basis.  I'm not the type to dress up everyday since I don't have anyone to impress but my boyfriend but he sometimes gets a little insecure when I dress up and go out without him LOL.  Well don't we all? I completely understand :).  But I'm usually too lazy to dress up so I wear t-shirt, jeans, sneakers or boots and for this season lots and lots of toques.

I know my haul isn't the most interesting like others that got new cell phones for $50 and flat screen T.V.s for $400 but I honestly don't really need anything.  I'm just waiting for boxing day to hit and the first few stores I'm going to hit would be Lush for their buy one get one free and Nine west for their 40% everything.  

What are you looking forward to for the boxing day sales? What was one of the best deals you have scored in the past?

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