Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dolce and Gabanna Waist belt

 Last week when I went to go return the pillow cougar boots, I thought I would just stroll around Winners once again for the last time for the next three months since me going to Winners has gone out of control. If you check my receipt pile, every two to three receipt is Winners. I call that an addiction. I don’t NEED to go there so much, I just like to go there to look around: /. It’s basically like walking in a park to me, but it cost me money LOL. So I pledge to not go to winners for three months just to clean it out of my system. I’ve been trying to build my belt collection and when I saw a really cool Matt and Nat double belt with a chain detailing, I was intrigued. I tried to find a belt that was small enough for me and had enough holes to fit my size zero waist but there wasn’t any. The smallest one still needed four holes just so I could wear it without it making my pants fall off. Right when I was digging through the rack for the different sizes, I saw a black box with the lid underneath it just sitting there. Whenever you see a box in Winners, something is up. Winners don’t display their products in boxes usually so my mind just jumped on it. All I saw was the beautiful ruby (it’s not real ruby obviously) brooch on a black thick waist belt with black ribbon detailing. The brooch was very well made, gold setting, very well made. That was all that was going through my made. Then when I went to pick up the little black box, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. DOLCE AND GABANA?? Holy cows! I never in a million could think that winners would have such a beautiful belt. I mean yes, Winners in downtown has a lot of nice pieces and has a lot of designer clothing and bags but I have never think they would have accessories too :D. The biggest shock was that I could actually afford it! It was $79.99! I was expecting at least $200 and I’d have tear face going out of the store because I can’t afford such a high price. Original price was $150 but even then I don’t think that is a bad price for D. I also wondered why this belt wasn’t bought already but I’m happy that I could lay my hands on it :).
 The belt is a thick black suede with a black ribbon going all around the middle of the belt. Where the red brooch lays is a bow-estiqe black ribbon sticking out of it and the right side of the belt has two sliver chain detailing which gives a nice chic touch. In the back of the belt, there is two three rows of snappies to keep the belt on. Super nice quality and heavy duty. This is exactly what I think top quality should be like.

One thing that really annoys me is that I can’t find out about this belt! I love to know where my clothes and products come from. I can not find out where the belt is from, as in what season it came out or anything! If anyone can find anything about this belt, please tell me! I’d really love to know. I can’t wait to wear this belt for the holidays and special occasions! It just screams Christmas to me.
 I paired this belt with my French connection high waist pencil skirt.  The thing i love about this skirt is that it has pockets! Not a lot of skirts has pockets but I found out at Winners! This skirt was only $24.99, not bad espically for the brand too.  One thing about this skirt is it is true size zero so I almost can't breath HAHA.  I'm a tiny girl but dayumm! Why so tight~  I also have my H&M puffy chiffon blouse that has a giant slit on the sleeves which is sometimesn  not so comfortable since it feels like i'm flying LOL but other then that, i love the design of it and the fabric choice is perfect :).  I usually wear a strapless bra since there is some shoulder details that i don't want to disturb so I'm wearing a full body suit.  I don't really like strapless bras since it always feels like its always falling down :/.
What do you guys thing about my purchase? I have absolutely no regrets on buying this belt. :)



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