Sunday, January 5, 2014

Things I am throwing out Vol. 1

I will be starting to take pictures of things I am throwing out into the garbage.  This is sort of a reminder to myself not to keep buying cosmetics and products in general. I think this would be also a good thing for those of you out there as a warning not to get these products and make the same mistake as me ;).  Saving the world, one citizen at a time.

1)  ELF waterproof eyeliners
-ridiculously dry
-takes actual force to be able to show up on the back of my hand, let alone on my eyes! My eyes are delicate yo~
-tried the lighter technique, nothing works
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, it is absolutely terrible. 
$3 each, I am throwing away four so I'm throwing away $12 and shipping fee.

2) ELF essential brightening eye liner
-not too bad of a product but smudges
-no lasting power
-color pay off is so so

$1 each, throwing away two so I'm throwing away $2

3) ELF essential simmer eyeliner
-quite creamy
-color pay off is nice but smudges easily
-no lasting power
-could be a good eyeshadow base

$1 each, throwing out one so I'm throwing away $1

4) Prestige waterproof eyeliner in Star (white shade)
-too hard to work on the waterline
-has a nice staying power on the lids but wanted it for my waterline

$7 each X 1= $7

In total, I wasted $22.  
Sadly I actually threw a lot more products before I thought to myself "Hey, maybe I should take a picture of the products I am throwing away." But that was already way too late.   This is a reminder to all, do not get these products because they will most likely go straight into your garbage can too.

Hope this is helpful, enjoy~

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