Sunday, January 5, 2014

Collective Body shop haul

All of a sudden, it hit me.  I fell in love again. And I fell in love with the one I didn't like at first.  Who is it you ask? The body shop.  Ever since I was a kid, I always thought the body shop had very unnatural scents which intoxicated the store.  I mean if you can smell it meters away from the store, it can't be natural right?  Sadly I have been blinded by love because I love the body shop now!
 The body shop is like drugs!  I used to really like Lush but I always found their prices were very expensive.  I was brainwashed to thing that I was paying for the quality and the fact it is all handmade.  The downside to that is there is a fast expiration date which I didn't like that much.  I still love Honey I washed the kids, but I don't think I would be paying $15 for a block of soap no more.  Hopefully in the future, they will come out with a perfume of that scent.  I would be all over that :).

I never really paid any attention to my body but since I am slowly shifting away from cosmetic products for my face, I am beginning to find that I love body products.  And where can I shop that is decently afforable and fun? THE BODY SHOP :D.  I have been eyeing the peach body butter for the longest time.  I'd say about a year and a half? It was limited edition but they came back as a permanent product which I am so happy they did.

 I have been eyeing the holiday products because I know they will always go on sale.  They have a lot more products online which isn't on sale in store which sucks because I don't want to have to pay extra for shipping :/.  But I found this which was the last one.  It was an awesome deal! A full size shea butter body butter and a mini shea body scrub for $12.50.  I was debating if I should get the jumbo shea body scrub which was on sale for $10 or this set, but I just convinced myself, since I am getting the mango body scrub, just get this set.  Its too good of a deal to pass!

The shea smells like clean babies. No I am not a creep :P.  The same thing goes for the L'occitane shea line.
 Two more body butters to add to my collection.  The vine peach I have waited for the longest time and so happy I have now.  I actually had to exchange for another one because when I got home and smelled the first one I got, it smelled a lot like plastic.  So werid.  I guess word of advice, do not buy them and not use them because they will go bad.  

The second one is the newest collection called the Honeymania.  This is beginning to be my favorite scent from the body shop. It smells nothing like Honey I washed the kids from Lush if you are wondering.  This is completely different.  I would say it smells 10% sweet, 40% honey and 50% floral.  The floral isn't the ones you would smell in expensive perfumes, but smells just like a fresh flower from a grassy field.  Its nice :). The smell is subtle too, not intoxicating at all.

These regular price are $20 each.  I got these during the Christmas time and they were having the buy two get two free sale.  On top of that, they had a limited time offer $10 off $20 which was an absolute steal and also gave me the freedom to pick out whatever I wanted.  These two are never in the sale section so I was glad for the sale :).  On top of all those deals, I got 10% off with my SPC card (Canadian student discount card).  I wanted to get the $25 tote which had tons of full size products for their promotion but they ran out. :'(, I am kind of regretting it now.
 After getting the mango body mist, I fell in love with the mango scent from body shop as well.  What scent do I not like from them! Omg.  Anyways, I got this body scrub for $10 today and excited to try it :D.
 During the buy two get two free sale, I also got the mango body mist since I didn't know what else to get too.  I am not disappointed :), it smells amazing but I can't use too much since it is one of those that are sickeningly sweet.  The lasting power is about three to four hours which isn't bad at all! $12 CAD regular price.
I was checking out the ingredients for fun and noticed that the body mist which contains 100 mL for $12 has the same ingredients, in the same order and the same % of alcohol as their first ingredient.  The perfume are $2 more expensive and contain 30 mL, 60 mL less then the body spray and in my opinion, has the same lasting power.  Too bad the Honeymania doesn't have it in the body spray or else I would have gotten that instead. 
Honeymania perfume for $14.  Think I have already talked enough about this product.
I tried this product today and I tried the Brasil nut one which I fell in love with the scent on the spot.  I didn't think much of it but I went back to the mall and just told myself, what the heck.  Just get it.  It is 50% off anyways.  Original price is $14 but all the beautifying oils are 50% right now.  I have to go back and exchange for the Brazil nut one :(.  I don't really like this one.  I will tell you later on how I like this but I'm sure it will not be anything I will complain about.

Overall, the body shop has nice products to offer and the prices are fair ONLY if you get them on sale.  I never get anything at the body shop without a sale or discount but they always have some type of sale anyways so it is becoming one of my go to stores :)


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